European Handball Federation, an active organization

While the International Handball Federation has canceled all summer competitions, another federation, the European Federation, has responded by setting up an unprecedented European Championship, which will take place in Croatia on August 22. A testament to the strength of the institution, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary in November.

No one expected it a year ago. The Men’s Under-19 European Handball Championship is not on the summer 2021 calendar. But in the face of the International Handball Federation cancelling all events scheduled for this time of year, the EU federation has mobilised. So the young Continental star will be on a date in Croatia from August 12th to 22nd. That response is a sign of the agency’s ability to mobilize, despite its young age.

European excellence

Handball is a European sport with a long history. Its design will be Danish. The last two finals of the men’s Olympics also faced Denmark and France, the two most successful countries in the world championships. A look at the winners of the main competitions shows the enormous dominance of the Europeans. At the Olympics, men and women combined, Russia, Denmark and Serbia were in the top three. Only South Korea managed to make the top 10, which is also made up of France, Germany, Croatia, Norway, Sweden and Romania.

This supremacy is all the more impressive given the history of the World Championship. The top ten women’s countries and the top ten men’s countries are all from the old continent. In 2015, only one non-European country, Qatar, was on the podium at the Men’s World Championships. The next four women’s championships and the next three men’s world events will also be held in Europe. .

Create a Europe-wide organization to sustain performance on the continent

In order to maintain these levels of performance that excellent national championships and training allow, a continental sports federation was born in November 1991, and it was very late. The “European Handball Federation” now includes 50 national member federations and 2 associated federations. Its headquarter is located in Vienna, Austria, and its president is the Austrian Michael Widler.

Before its creation, the International Federation oversaw the European Cup in the discipline. Today, the European organization is responsible for more than 20 men’s and women’s competitions between club and national teams, including beach handball. The European Union is organized around a biennial Congress (the last meeting will be held in Luxembourg in April 2021), an 11- or 12-member chairperson’s meeting or an executive committee. Many ex-athletes find themselves in these bodies so they can pass on their experiences with the aim of continuing the European habit of succeeding in the sport.

Overall, the International Federation (IHF) remains the leading body in the sport. One case recently sparked controversy over the European Beach Handball Championships in Romania in July. The European Handball Federation’s (EHF) Disciplinary Committee fined Norway 1,500 euros “for changing the prescribed bikini in order to wear shorts in the last match” by the Scandinavians. European organizations applied the rules of the International Federation there. “While it is “committed to advancing the subject for the benefit of its federation,” the European federation believes that,” Changes to the rules can only happen at the IHF level “The Le Monde explained.

Not to be outdone, however, the EHF has various committees such as the “Women’s Handball Committee”, the EHF’s strategic platform to further develop and increase participation in women’s handball, or the “Professional Handball Committee”. », EHF platform for European men’s handball interest groups. Not to mention the handball court and the Court of Appeal. So the EHF reacted when the International Federation decided to cancel all summer competitions, including the U21M and U19M World Championships.

It is important for young people to have goals!

While the elimination of age-specific competitions could have a detrimental effect on the generation of athletes involved, European federations have set up European Championships in the under-19 category. It started in Croatia on August 12th and will end on August 22nd.

After the summer of 2020 has gone without a game, this has given the continent’s young handball players a new target. ” It’s a bit odd that the World Cup is canceled and the European Championships are held.Must be because other continents don’t have the ability to hire teams “, Eric Quentin, the coach who trained the French youth team. When the news was announced last March, the coach was relieved.” I’m happy because the Minots deserve to consider this prospect. They must have a goal. “One goal and one game will certainly allow young handball players in Europe to progress and gain experience in a complex period for the sport.

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