Fabien Renouf, strength and conditioning coach at Fleury Loiret Handball, is somewhere between two worlds…

“The page has been turned in Brest, but it’s great to meet someone who shares good things with you”: Fabien Renouf, 32, strength and conditioning coach from Fleury Loiret Handball, will be on Friday night, February 25 (8pm) 15:00) to face his former club), at the Palais de la Sport in Orleans, on the 17th day of the Women’s League Championship.

It’s going to be an extreme game, between the formation in the Champions League and another formation at the door of relegation, in D2. Fabien Renouf made the distinction right from the start, With Brittany women with developed human and material resources and Black Panthers who do things with what they have…

While Brestoises uses “accelerometers” fixed to the shoulder blades during competitions and training to objectively capture workload, Fleuryssoises uses “subjective” tools, especially based on questionnaires. An example of how this is the same champion, but not the same world…

Fabien Renouf has no complaints. His contract at Finistere was not extended last season, and following the arrival of new coach Pablo Morel, he most importantly wants to “stay in the middle” to perfect his knowledge. That’s why he responded positively to the FLHB’s proposal. The “data” obtained since 2018 and his arrival in Brest have been a source of inspiration and motivation. “This has prepared me for a dissertation” : Regarding his profession, it is related to his scientific method. He is in his second year. If all goes well, his project will be completed in 2023, or even 2024.

Dreux, Niort, young dad…

Such is the life of the young father of Dreux, born in Eure-et-Loir, with his two daughters, two and a half months and six months, living near Niort with their mother. family distance that is stressing him This resulted in him walking back and forth for more than two hours a week. Fabien Renouf, a handball player since the age of 10, obtained his first license at the HBC Vallée d’Avre, discovering a high level in 2016 Thanks to Frédéric Bougeant, the former coach of Fleury HB, who visited his services when he was the head coach of Senegal“He was the one who gave me the chance in the first place,” he said.

Against a heavy backdrop, at Albert-Auger, having lost 15 of 16 matches in the LBE, he knew Every detail counts. It is better to drink sparkling water, not just plain water. The snack he prepares should be taken immediately after exercise, not an hour later. “These are principles that have to be instilled in girls,” he said. It takes a foundation of habit…

No Amina Sanhal tonight
Having failed to win the title tonight, Christoph Kassan intends to use the Brest reception to test and evaluate his players ahead of a move to Plandekukes on March 12.
Fleury HB’s coach estimated that the match “will constitute a mini-final to keep”.
In other words, facing the mighty Breton competition will be a matter of measuring the activity and mental strength of each individual. Identify those ‘who we can count on in the coming weeks’, Christopher Cassan added. Mélissa Agathe and Norah Folituu (back), who were dropped ahead of their last trip to Chambray, regained their place in training.
Mélissa Agathe will be on the roster, while Amina Sankharé is out with a wrist inflammation.
group. Goalkeepers: 16. Toubissa Elbeco, 30. Vind.
Players on the field: 4. Gassama Cissokho, 8. Agathe, 10. Nianh, 11. Chambonnier, 13. Le Blévec, 17. Perez-Buforn, 21. Peillon, 23. Rizo Gomez, 24. Mumbongo, 77. Thobor, 93 Ekoh, 95. Trey.
Trainer: Christopher Cassan.

Laurent Cusimo


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