Finally some good news for Victor Unbanyama!

For weeks off the field, Victor Venbanyama has reason to worry about his health. However, it seems that the basketball gods are quite kind to him! The young Tricolor Hope has just returned to the game.

Few of us know of a French nugget as highly regarded across the Atlantic as Victor Umbanyama. The turning point for Lyon-Villepin in a draft that begins in 2023 is indeed expected to be high, the date he will qualify. His latest ranking even offers hope for the No. 1 pick ! Still, with the orange ball, everything can go very quickly, especially when you’re injury prone like a young man.

He has been plagued by frequent physical problems since the start of the season and has not played since December 20 due to a shoulder problem. But now that seems to be a thing of the past. Umbanyama dunked in ASVEL’s warm-up game before the Europa League game against Panathinaikos last Wednesday. Even better, the three-color interior also participated in the battle between the two teams!

Victor Venbanyama returns to the field

Facing the Greeks, Umbyanama finished with 5 points and 5 rebounds. Not the craziest stats, but the gist of course lies elsewhere.Before the meeting, he also accepted a lengthy interview with this newspaper team, reviewing his recovery period. He explained that his prolonged absence was mainly due to precautionary measures in order to stay healthy in the long term. After all, this is the major league he’s targeting recently.

Many people find these glitches problematic. However, few basketball players routinely stop because of broken fingers, especially the left hand. With my entourage and club, we have a common strategy and purpose. We want to take our time. They didn’t want me to get another shot or it might cause osteoarthritis later on. We use the precautionary principle.

if we stop for a long time, It’s not because it’s hard to cure. These interruptions, I don’t take time to rest. We work hard, every day, basketball, bodybuilding, caring. This can be seen on every return I make. After my fracture, I was more toned. I want to make sure, every time, comes back better.

Commitment to a better future, Victor Vinbanyama doesn’t want to compromise by returning to the game too soon, a laudable and understandable attitude, as risking a relapse could significantly reduce his NBA performance. Scoring ratings.

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