For Mende volleys Lozère, a Martigue win has a lot to offer

Mendois volleyball players put their heads out of the water at Martigues on Saturday, February 19 (best-of-three). What reassures reboot the machine?

finally! After breaking his teeth so many times this season at key moments in the game where he could, Mend broke a record with a volley from Lozère to beat Martigues’ men at home this Saturday, 19 February, in three sets of two. Groups (20-25, 25-23, 19-25, 25-18 and 15-13). Finally, because the Mendos had put an end to the curse, the bloodshed was stopped. In the end, because Constant Tchouassi’s players signed such a major success and ended an encouraging failure.

However, Martigues logically won the first set, thanks in large part to his former France international Ragondette. Impeccable in terms of reception, the players even sickened Moreno and Robinho. Martégaux was also well assisted by Mendois’ serve at the end of the game, making four consecutive turnovers.

The second set will see a big battle between the two formations (7-8 then 15-16). It was Robinho who played a big role in offense and serve (21-18). Then everything sped up. Salles got an ace that first gave his team a big advantage: 24-21. Then Robinho ended the game on his wing (25-23), after Martigues returned.

Season turning point?

Cross on the third set and then on the fourth set. Lozériens sealed the block (6-3) and Provençaux responded before flying to the score: 17-12 then 25-19. This is the moment when the wizard Tchouassi chooses to try everything for everything. Captain Corbois came on, replacing Robinho on the wing, who replaced Moreno. So Lorente changed its distribution and service.

Winning bet: MVL gave itself the right to play the tiebreaker (25-18). A tiebreaker gave birth to a big showdown between Dmirovic and Wilson. Wilson started with a big attack in the 14th, followed by a decisive block on former goalkeeper Doisko Lokiraghi in the 15th and final.

After this victory, the Mendos have gone far, far in their reserves. Season turning point? Time for a change, for a club that hasn’t given up on the idea of ​​a play-off yet? Case to follow.

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