Former Corrèze volleyball player Nataliya Yegorova worries about her loved ones in Ukraine

The trembling voice revealed a strong emotion.
At 4.30am yesterday, Nataliya Yegorova spoke by phone with her relatives in Ukraine. His mother, sister and cousins ​​are all in Kherson, in the south of the country, a few kilometers from the Black Sea.

“They were fine physically, but not mentally. They stayed at home. They hid. They didn’t leave, it was dangerous to go to the border, no one thought it would happen,” the former professional volleyball player now testifies to be employed at the Tulle-Naves Club.

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During this telephone exchange, Natalia Yegorova heard gunfire in the distance, it was fighting near the Antonovsky Bridge that spanned the Dnieper River.

Natalia Yegorova involuntarily brushed past the war that tore apart the former Yugoslavia for a decade when she played volleyball in Serbia in the heart of the 1990s.
She arrived in France in 2001 to play professional A-League in La Rochette on the outskirts of Paris, and what is happening in Ukraine today has its roots in a confrontation between West and East.

I just want to have as few victims as possible

“I said to myself that one day it will come to us. We got along very well with Russia before, we signed a gas contract,” she assured, sadly her country wanted to rely on Russia and the West too close.

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Nataliya Yegorova did not want to expand further on this issue. “I leave this to the politicians,” she interrupted. Then, her voice shattered with concern: “I’m not for the Russians. I’m against war. I just want as few victims as possible, a negotiated solution, and a quick end to this war.”

His life was full of pain during these dark times. Today, when she finds herself thousands of miles away, her thoughts are all with her family.

Frederic Rabille


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