France 2023. Excellent ticket sales push the organization to develop its program

On this Tuesday, May 11, the Director General of the Organizing Committee for the upcoming World Cup, Claude Atcher, was present in Toulouse. Came to visit the new buildingManaging the Toulouse website. The latter took the opportunity to evaluate tickets for the competition. at this moment, 84% of available tickets have been sold out. An unexpected performance led the competition to advance to the next ticket sale. Tentatively scheduled for September 2022, in September 2021 the following 300,000 venues on display will be on sale to the public. Tickets for the final stages will also be sold for the next academic year. A decision was made because ofIn light of this success, it was hard to imagine separating sales dates for more than a year”, confirms Claude Atcher. The latter is already talking about important figures. After the first three stages of the sale, 1 million tickets sold at the beginning of 2021. This enthusiasm has led the ticket office to sell up to 4,000 tickets per minute with 150,000 matchmakers connected simultaneously.

Other information, it is clear that the different host cities for the 2023 World Cup do not attract the same population. City packs are also sold out. In Toulouse, for example, it was the French who bought tickets to come to the stadium. While in Nice and Lille, the British were by far the majority. In fact, at Allianz Riviera and Pierre-Moroy Stadium, nearly half of the purchases come from Her Majesty’s Kingdom. A remarkable performance is explained by the fifteenth arrival of Venus in these lands. Such a heterogeneous dispersal of nationalities was required by the organizing committee, which wanted “The program consists of attractive matches in each city. The goal is to get at least one big sticker for each of them.By the end of the year, the managers of the 14 teams who have already qualified for the 2023 edition must visit their potential future base camps. A decision that these sales numbers should be important to.

As for possible mismanagement of the ticket office, Claude Atcher defends himself. In particular, he compares the statements of foreign media. According to the director of the organizing committee, the franchise system “First come first serve, and more democratic than drawing lots, which we have heard in recent months among the EnglishTickets are sold out quickly, but the organization responsible for the global event does not regret the economic strategy at the ticket office. The goal is to provide access to all in relation to the price of tickets.

The economic benefits of the 2023 World Cup were also highlighted, whether at the local or national level. In addition, the buildings located in the CREPS (Center for Resource, Experience and Sport Performance) in Toulouse are a way to integrate high-level sporting competition and performance a bit more within the Occitanie region. This desire has been confirmed by the director of the Toulouse site, CΓ©dric Coll, but also by the communities and the CREPS administration. The regional impact should be 150 to 200 million euros in Occitanie. In general, amounts between 30 and 35 million euros in economic benefits are expected for each match. For the 2019 World Cup in Japan, this amount was 60 million. Integration into the world of employment is also highlighted, and up to 3,000 young people will participate in the event directly or indirectly. In terms of accommodation, 65% of the rooms allocated to partner hotels have already been sold out during the World Cup period.

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