France (again) crowned world champion

French handball player and world championship trophy, January 29 in Paris.

The French handball team won the 25-man final in Paris on Sunday 29 Januaryand World champion, beat Norway 33-26.

It was the sixth world title for the Blues, who regained control of the handball planet after losing to Denmark in the 2016 Olympic final. The Norwegians won their first world medal, taking silver, while Slovenia beat Croatia in the mini-finals (31-30) for bronze.

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“Honestly, they’re big hits. They’re going to be at home in front of 16,000 spectators. I don’t think it’s going to be more difficult, but we love a challenge.”, estimated, Friday, Christian O’Sullivan, Norwegian center. He didn’t lie, the Scandinavian drafted the Blues. The problem is that it only lasted half the time.

So in the hysterical AccorHotels Arena, the first act was a constant battle, the pace of the Norwegian race worked wonders and the French were often drowned in the white waves. The Scandinavians braved their luck and took off, relying on an iron defence and Torbjorn Bergerud’s kind of metal keeper to keep it.

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On the French side, Didier Dinart built Thierry Omeyer, who managed to tackle the first opponent’s shot at the start, not to mention later, Enough to provoke a Vincent Gérard substitution midway through the first quarter. doorman nOh The 1bis will be decisive, ultimately preventing the opponent’s shot with a 41% success rate.

Meanwhile, Kentin Mahé kept the French side alive with a couple of penalties and a counter-attack or two. Volatility All are Parisians. The winger equalised at 17 30 seconds after the break and Mahé intercepted the final ball, which he threw at will to Luke Abalo, who gave it to Valentine Porter, Shooting from elsewhere, providing sirens and tweezers, the Blues don’t even have a hopeful advantage.

The blues determine the rhythm

Another winger came to ignite the start of the second act, with Michel Giguo scoring three goals in a row. The Norwegian was less impressive, the gap rose to +5 in favor of the tricolor.

Around the end of the first half, France prevailed: between the final five minutes of the first quarter and the other five minutes into the second quarter, they were 9-2.

In the absence of a strongman, it was the “little people” who came into play, with Mahé scoring 4 goals, Gigu and Porter 5 (haven’t forgotten Luke Abalo, the posh substitute and his small goals ).

Ten minutes later, the former Paris-Bercy Palais des Nations was melting. Faced with a tempo now dictated by Didier Dinart’s men, the Norwegians seem to be exhausted (remember, they have a day to recover before the final) and we won’t be able to see this sixth world How the title escaped the French.

We were right: French handball players climbed the top steps of the podium after a competitive final, in front of a crowd we could easily describe as unhinged, at the end of a final that ended in a skid (33 -26).

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11 major events won in 22 years

Thierry Omeyer and Daniel Narcisse, 24 and 21, were involved in the birth of “Hefty” in 2001 in the same paddock, Start a decade of madness and rich championship titles by winning your second tricolor World Handball Championship.

With its Olympic double (2008 and 2012), three European champions (2006, 2010, 2014) and now six world champions (1995, 2001, 2009, 2011, 2015) , 2017), the French handball team has now won 11 Grand Slam tournaments in twenty-two years.

“It’s hard to really pull off. We were together sixteen years ago and being here today shows how far we’ve come.”explained Thierry Omeyer in front of BeIn Sports’ microphone at the end of the game. “It’s amazing to see the enthusiasm of the people and we can be proud to fill these rooms. In front of our families, our friends and the handball world, it’s huge.»

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