France finished first in Group E after beating Switzerland

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They have already qualified for the main round, but the Blues are keen to keep a clean sheet by beating the Swiss. It’s done. With a 25-24 victory, the French team continues to gain and is expected to go further in this World Championship. However, the Blues lost goalkeeper Wesley Pardin to injury in the first half.

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Tonight’s final whistle sounded, people breathed a sigh of relief, but also a trace of worry. The Blues were packed because despite Monday’s victory over Switzerland and a clear advantage in the preliminaries, France went into the main round with no problem topping their group.

The fault of the two on the Swiss side. First, it was the Swiss goalkeeper who beat the Blues. Portner repeatedly repelled three-color attacks from six meters away, and quickly entered the opponent’s mind.On offense, it’s unavoidable Andy Schmid Who made life difficult for the French. The Swiss was named the man of the match, clearly leading the opposition with his ten goals throughout the session.

Compared to the previous two games, the Blues were less focused, with small mistakes and errors of appreciation for the opposing goal multiplied. Their defense was also less sharp, they let fear pour in and never led the opposition by more than three goals (15-15 at the break).Men are ultimately through experience Guillaume Giles Got away with it at the end of the game (25-24). The Blues will start the main round with a four-point advantage against Algeria on Wednesday.

But maybe without their titular goalkeeper, Wesley Partin. The goalkeeper Martiniques was forced to leave the field after suffering a knee injury after a shock with opposing players in the first half.instead Vincent Gerrardauthor of The Good Comeback, protégé of Thierry Antiy was worried after the meeting: “I hope Wesley isn’t too serious, but at this stage we don’t know.” his teammates michael pug In his view, far less optimistic: “Unfortunately, tonight we will have very bad news for Wesleyan.”

The lack could be exacerbated by his flawless entry into the world championship against Norway in Egypt. Wesley Partin Is the author of 17 saves against the Norwegian. The indifferent French goalkeeper made it difficult for the players. Sandsagosen. As a result of this performance, Palding was selected as the man of the match as soon as he entered the game.

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