France-Iceland, has seen further

The Blues will take on Iceland in Hungary on Saturday (6pm) without their coach Guillaume Gille testing positive for Covid-19, having already seen the European semi-finals.

If Budapest is naturally cooler this winter, another cold snap hit the Bruce on Friday. After defending boss Karl Konan was quarantined for four days, now only boss and coach Guillaume Gill will miss the Blues’ second clash against Iceland in this round.

Drôme said in his hotel room that he had no symptoms and would spread”torch“There are at least two games (Iceland and Montenegro on Monday) against his assistant Eric Matt.”I don’t replace ”Gino”, he’s there.We’ve been calling, we’ve been watching videosThe main party of temper. “Erick is experienced in managing professional teams“For his part, Guillaume Gill has also made comments, adding to the long list of players and staff who have been infected since the start of the game.

i don’t want to show it off“But he declared at the press conference,”I just want to focus on what we’ve done and what we haven’t written yet.“By looking at the players, it is clear that all the lights are green for France. With their first big win over the Netherlands on Thursday (34-24), despite some difficulties in the first stage, the Blues are already in the first group with four points at the top of the table, tied with another big favourite, Denmark, but with a favourable goal difference (+15).

Iceland weakens

In Karl Konan’s absence, Ludovic Fabregas-Nicolas Tournat’s defence formed part of the game and proved quite solid. “Together with Nicolas Tournat, we are probably the most experienced pair on this team.We were together during the Olympics and had a lot of work and a desire to do well togetheranalysing FC Barcelona’s pivot after the meeting.

Others that were very satisfying were Vincent Gérard’s new XXL performance, decisive in the Dutchman’s return in the first period, or Aymeric Minnie’s contribution (8 goals), he Playing his first European Cup with the Blues. The tricky part is that the French will also be looking to take on the Icelanders they know well, having met them 64 times with 39 victories.

However, the 2008 Olympic silver medalist, who finished first in his group in the preliminaries, was not immune to Covid either. Six players have been missing, including star Aaron Palmerson, who tested positive on Thursday and missed the team’s 28-24 loss against Denmark. “They are in a very complicated situation, hit hard by the coronavirus. They lack big names. On the other hand, their team, said to have been stripped of their star, was in Denmark for almost the entire duration of the meeting and gave way in the final shows the reference we have to prepare“Warn Guillaume Gill so he’ll be following the meeting in front of the TV. Their coach could be temporarily suspended, but the Blues want to keep going towards the semi-finals.

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