France-Portugal, World Handball 2021: What time and what channel?

The fate of the French team is in their own hands. Still unbeaten since the start of the game, the Blues will qualify for the quarter-finals of the Handball World Cup if they win or draw against Portugal this Sunday, starting at 8:30pm in Sport 1 and TMC.

Even defeat could mean qualification under Guillaume Gille. Provided they have a ball difference of no more than 7 balls. But despite their regular losses since the start of the World Cup, the Habs are in a position of strength and they intend to continue their series of invincibles. “We put ourselves in a good position, but we have to think of the match against Portugal as a real round of 16, a brutal game, rather than thinking about calculations,” insisted Luka Karabatic.

Centre and his team-mates don’t have a good memory of the Portugal team that was knocked out of Euro 2020 last year. Since this coup, it has tended to rise to the level of the best countries. Her career in Egypt was marked by a narrow single-game defeat against Norway (29-28), proving she has serious arguments to make that could put Michael Gigu and his team-mates in a bind, neither did they Forget the setbacks of qualifying the same Euro a few months ago.

What can be motivated by a sense of revenge before entering the field? “We know the recent history and we had to digest a tragic defeat. Besides the idea of ​​revenge, we also wanted to take on this challenge against this Portuguese team, who can claim a lot of ambition given their results and performance,” the Frenchman said. the coach said.

He will be able to rely on the strength of the character and mentality of a team that, although there are still some flaws, appears to be gaining momentum, as evidenced by the last victory against Iceland. “We were able to rely on a defense in place, on a goalkeeper who worked well with that defense. Faced with an atypical attacking game, due to the peculiarities of Iceland and the way it was expressed, we found interesting solutions,” Guillaume said. Am Gill is ecstatic. They have taken us farther than we have produced in the past. I have also observed that confidence is growing during certain offensive phases: it is crucial for the fight to come.” Start with the elimination of Portugal.

Gauthier Mvumbi scored four goals in Congo's first game against Argentina.

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