France-Switzerland, Handball World Cup 2021: what time, what channel?

Three-thirds of the Blues? Winners of the first two matches, the French handball team will try for a third success at the World Championships this Monday against Switzerland, which will be broadcast live and fully on Sports 1 at 6pm.

The Habs have achieved their first goal. Two inaugural wins opened the door for them to go into the main round. And the disciples of Guillaume Gille, who landed on tiptoe in Egypt, had no intention of stopping in such a good way. “We keep going like this to improve our level and find a little bit of a roller, this desire to roll to everyone”, Valentin Porte affirmed after the victory over Austria (35-28).

But there is still a long way to go before the coronation and the Blues must not relax. “A win will allow us to go to the main round with the highest possible points. The goal is to put us in the best possible position to start this complex group in the next round and consider reaching the quarter-finals,” insisted Guillaume Gill.

“A game was won with regularity and consistency,” Porter recalls. The onus is on him and his team-mates to take Switzerland seriously in a game that has already seen some surprises, European champions Spain vs. Brazil, Croatia vs. Japan (29-29) or Russia vs. Japan. Slovenia (31-25).

The Helvetias also had a victory over Austria (28-25) entering the game. The results were all the more surprising as they arrived in the Pharaoh’s country hours before the game to replace America devastated by Covid-19. If they are subsequently beaten by Norway (31-25), the Swiss have a case.

Gauthier Mvumbi scored four goals in Congo's first game against Argentina.

“Switzerland is an opponent to take seriously, especially Andy Schmid, a world-renowned player who handles 7-on-6 brilliantly and is very skilled in passing and shooting. And Lenny Rubin , a great left-back, playing in Germany (HSG Wetzlar), a very good striker from long distance,” said assistant coach Erick Mathé. Don’t forget goalkeeper Nicolas Portner, who played in Chambery. The onus is on the Blues to avoid traps.

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