Frank Vogel has apparently opened the door to leaving Westbrook!

With the increasingly volatile relationship between Frank Vogel and Russell Westbrook, this trade deadline shouldn’t help.In fact, the coach didn’t hesitate to mention that the leader might leave if it makes his team better one...

Can’t wait for the Lakers’ All-Star Game because nothing is going well among the NBA’s most prestigious teams…in fact, when they were supposed to be aiming for a championship and establishing themselves as one of the best In the league, Frank Vogel’s side have won just three of their last 10 games, and haven’t always faced the big names. After being humiliated by the Bucks, the Lakers were defeated by the rebuilding Trail Blazers…

Frank Vogel has no objection to leaving Russell Westbrook!

After the meeting, LeBron James also expresses his immense physical and mental fatigue After this terrible negative spiral. Not necessarily reassuring until the final sprint.As for Frank Vogel, who wasn’t innocent in the loss to the Blazers, he was asked about the future Russell Westbrook in California. Instead of calming things down, he added fuel to the fire.

Frank Vogel on being asked by Bill Oram about the possibility that Russell Westbrook is no longer a Lakers after the trade deadline: “If there’s a way to improve the team, we’ll improve the team.” Deadline, I have nothing to say.”

Frank Vogel could have been quiet on the last day before the trade deadline, he said no, Russell Westbrook won’t be traded in the next few hours…but the coach prefers to play Honest cards, because the Lakers will only be looking for one thing in this moment of crisis: improve the rankings at all costs.

To that end, it may be necessary to find a new home for Russell Westbrook, even if it seems complicated.Not only because the player has a huge contract, which is quite disadvantageous in negotiations, but also because Leaders refuse to include anything innocuous In balance…whatever happens, Vogel is clearly not against movement.

Frank Vogel is unfiltered, he doesn’t care if Russell Westbrook’s ego hurts. Superstars like to be loved and untouchable, but in this case, the coach skeptically admitted that the Lakers could improve without a point guard.

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