French Volleyball Cup: Historic match between Asced Riaillé and Beauvais

Asced Riaillé (Loire-Atlantique) will play in the quarter-finals of the Coupe de France on Saturday 26 February 2022 against Beauvais (Oise). ©Alexandre BROSSAIS

the draw French Volleyball Cup quarter-finals Specified Beauvais (Oise)an elite team, as the next opponent Asced Riaille (Loire-Atlantic), a regional club.and say race, this will happen Saturday 26 February 2022almost never happened.

For the record, we don’t want to sign up for the Coupe de France because there are very few teams at our level. Finally, the Federation brought us back to life. We accept.

Clément Chevalier, Player and President of Asced Riaillé

five divisions

A paid decision that will allow Rieye to experience a historic match against Beauvais. Five divisions separate the two formations. “We approached the meeting calmly because they were clearly above us,” testified Clément Chevalier.

This historic meeting for Petit Poucet will take place on Saturday 26 February (starting at 8pm) at the Riaillé Arena. 300 spectators expected. “This game was the culmination of a great season. »

Therefore, there is an important support for local players who know what to expect. “Volleyball is a sport. The one who likes the most often wins. »

Asced Riaillé’s chances of winning are almost nil. Regardless of the end result, Clément Chevalier and his family are proud of their careers.

“We’ll probably never be at this stage of the game again. It’s historic. We’re living in good times. You should know that eight of the ten players in our squad trained at Riaye. »

Clement Knight

Former Riaillé player in Beauvais

Rivalry between Riaye and Beauvais Will allow Hugues Frotté from Beauvais to return to Grand-Auverné near Chateaubriand.

I started playing volleyball in Riaillé. Then, when I was fifteen, I went to Nantes to study sports in order to develop at a higher level.

Hugues Rub

The ex-free man of Nantes-Rezé Métropole Volley has not forgotten where he came from. “For me, the Riaye Club is like a family. I did all my youth categories there. I deeply love the people at the club. »

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The pros deserve a good night. Already, because he will find his family to encourage him. And, because he’ll be on the field facing his friends.

Barring catastrophe, he should leave the Loire-Atlantic with a victory. “With all due respect, it would be great if they took a set from us.»

Facing the idea of ​​a former teammate from Riaye, his motivation increased tenfold. “I’m very motivated, maybe even more so than my partners. I talk about this game every day. I hope it’s a big event and a big party for the Riaillé club. »

an american show

In addition to the shows that the game’s actors will perform on the floor, Special entertainment planned“We’re going to put together a truly American show,” promises Clément Chevalier. also, free.

“We decided to make admission free to prevent the cost from being a barrier for some families. We want everyone to benefit. Regardless of the outcome, it should be an unforgettable night.

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