Gauthier Mvumbi, an atypical pivot in the light

A sensation in the world of handball, Gauthier Mvumbi was a follower at the start of the game. The DRC hub stands out for his atypical physique. Currently a player for the French national team 2, in Dreux, he is now challenging Olympic champion and defending world champion Denmark.

Although the World Handball Championship has just started, its name has spread all over the world. Gauthier Mvumbi Impressed on his debut against Argentina. The man, who is at the World Cup for the first time in his career, has conquered the public and onlookers.

If he plays in France for the Dreux at Nations 2, the 26-year-old will play internationally against the Democratic Republic of Congo, who qualified in extreme circumstances. The pinnacle of Gauthier Mvumbi. “Really proud to wear this jersey”, He admits.

Along with Dreux, the hub is trained by Francis Tuzolana, who is also his coach in the Congolese national team. He has not returned to action since October 10, 2020 due to the health crisis that is upending the championship. But this Friday, January 15th, Gauthier Mvumbi It ends at the Cairo Indoor Stadium, which normally seats 17,000 spectators.

It was a great first time for anyone who has already participated in the African Games. The level he climbed in the most anonymous way. The next game will be a major turning point for the Congolese since Sunday, when he and his team face Denmark, the Olympic champion and the reigning world champion.

Although there is no pressure Gauthier Mvumbi Who would most like to benefit from this game:”The goal is first and foremost to have fun and fully experience the game. We’ll do everything we can to piss off some teams if possible. ” The Congolese centre-forward has all the keys to success in this match and will likely break through the Danish defence thanks to his strong physique.

On the ground, Gauthier Mvumbi has the physique of a basketball player at 137kg and 1m92. He’s not as mobile as some of the hubs, but is still strong in front of goal.

In the first game against Argentina in the Democratic Republic of Congo (28-22 loss to Argentina), Drew players scored four shots. All of this in just 11 minutes on the court. Even in the eyes of some great athletes, this performance has not gone unnoticed.

Saturday is a famous basketball player Shaquille O’Neal who sent him a video message via Instagram. Also with a remarkable physique (2.16m, 147kg) as a player, the former Lakers player seemed captivated. Unexpected news from Gauthier Mvumbi.

Surprisingly, the handball players did not react to these remarks: “A dream that I didn’t believe came true. […] I don’t quite understand what happened, but I have to say to you: Live your dreams and fight for yourself. ”

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