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Whoever loses this Friday night cannot invoke the ignorance of the opponent. This will indeed be the fourth meeting of the season between Créteil and Chartres, two teams that have not spared their soles. Currently, the lead is CCMHB, who won the title with a clear victory in the first leg (35-29) and qualified for the Coupe de France on the floor of Robert-Oubron, About 15 days ago. days (34-35). The Ile de France residents won the Coupe de la Ligue in early October after a penalty shootout (40-39).

Swept away by Saran, Chartres is not far from nothingness

“We won the last two games and we know it’s always very difficult to win three games in a row with the same team,” Chartrain coach Toni Gerona pointed out. However, a week after Saran (23-30) was snubbed, the warning in the speech didn’t stop him from waiting for a real reaction from his players, which he described as “the first serious mistake of the season”. Everyone knows this, we have a mismatch. It’s a pity because we missed a good opportunity to improve our rankings. »

Créteil just acquired Montpellier

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While they could have overtaken San Rafael and played again in Nimes, with interesting prospects for the rest of the season, Chaterain remains under the threat of Creteil for the time being, He could make a comeback this Friday night if there is a favorable outcome. Val-de-Marnais, anyway, because they just knocked down Montpellier (30-27) thanks to a huge Jandric in the cage (21 saves) and a clinical Aman (9/9).

Chartres Hand Co n°9: Yvan Vérin, Rising Young Man

‘For me, Chartres needs as much investment and involvement as Montpellier’, but Cristolia coach Fernando Barbeito is grumpy and he won’t be at Chartres Find his son Alejandro. Victim of a neck shock at N1 last weekend, the young Spanish centre-back took a few days off.

The return of Kudinov

On the other hand, CCMHB will receive a much-anticipated return, namely that of Sergei Kudinov. The Russian rear was given the medical green light to recover after suffering a foot injury late last year in a run-up match against him for a tryout. Still, its usage could be measured this Friday night.

Créteil (Val-de-Marne), Friday 25 February at 8pm.
Be, Jandric – Lopez Alvarez, Aman, Piroch, Gibelin, Poignant, Pintor, Sissoko, A. Ferrandier, Deen, L. Ferrandier, Butorac, Sarre. Enter. : Barberto.
Chartres: Meyer, Grahovac-Ilic, Figueres, Afannu-Gatin, Pederson, Grosselli, Dimitrov, Jackic, Kudinov, Onufri Yanke, Charm, Jonde, Sosay, Tribillon, Waring. Enter. : Girona.

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