Great action from Saint-Raphaël winner Chamalières this Saturday night (3-1)

The volleyball club of Chamalières played a great game this Saturday night, beating San Rafael (3-1) at home.

SRVVB does not like big ones, but has the habit of chewing small ones. Not so, this Saturday night. The 12th Chamaliéroises didn’t hear it that way, from foot to floor, like when going out. Alexis Farjaudon’s timeout (10-4, 6th) saw Raphaëloises not playing at the start, gradually getting back into the game. But their volley efficiency, especially their blocking, was offset by harmful turnovers (25-20).

‘This victory feels good’

In the next set, the VBCC caught up to the Vars 11-11, who suffocated in a unifying final, helped by Lymareva, from setter Rivera (25-23). The girlfriends of the game’s MVP Manon Bernard, who won a lengthy first encounter in Act Three, still set a combative tone.

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But that wasn’t enough, this time, for the Panthers who suffered from the size and striking power of Var (11-21). Then, in the fourth set, Paradzik and Blenkers’ arms quelled the opening with the Panthers’ horn. But that didn’t stop them from a flashback, which included a sharp Adiana (25-22) slam and Victoria’s shot.

High quality Chamalières scored well against Andrézieux (0-0)

The result delighted Atman Toubani: “The win feels good and well deserved. We are still in a break-in period in terms of the quality of the game and the Covid-19 pandemic has hurt us. But tonight We kept 3 points; 4 left to take”.

Francis Laporte


Chamalières (chatrousse room).Chamalières beat San Rafael 3-1 (25-20 in 27 minutes, 25-23 in 30 minutes, 14-25 in 24 minutes, 25-22 in 26 minutes). Referee: Sir. Nozacmeur and Sawrei. About 200 spectators.
Chamariere.Adiana (13), Fine (3) Martinez, Bernard, Mel, Hernandez, Eluga, Victoria Lopez (18), Rivera (4), Amana Guigolo, Aguilera (10), Rojas Martinez (9), Perez Ramos (9).
San Raphael.Paradzik (11), Robitaille (2), Blenckers (10), Milos (12), Renko-Ilic, Gatard (1), Camberabero (1), Arbos, Lymareva (14), Taylor, Bashorun (18), Shoenauer.


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