Guérin enters major league with Saint-Jean-d’Illac

Especially a few months before his professional trainee contract expires. Will the club give him a professional contract proposal? Smart he returned the ball to the staff’s pitch: “I don’t know, you have to ask the coach and Hugo Mourinier (smiles). I, I want to play, it’s time to take more responsibility. I would be very happy if it was in Illac. »

dual role

It must be admitted that life in professional clubs for young people is not always smooth sailing. But it is a compulsory course and a necessary study to develop a strong will. The original Brittany didn’t hold back: “It’s hard to find a place in the sun because you have to prove yourself. In training, sometimes you have to perform better than others. Inevitably, we expect more from young people. High. It’s also complicated to have a dual role: getting along with the professionals and the training center. I try to fit in with it as much as possible and try to find my place with the professionals.“

Augustin has been an integral part of the team since the start of the season. He does all his travels and is always ready to help the collective, which is the most important thing in his eyes. But beyond the agreed speech, he was well aware that the role of the bench wasn’t always easy to survive: “The role of young people in a professional team is complex. You have to know how to take it. Mentally you have to be like As strong as all sports are. When you’re away from your family and friends, you sometimes go through difficult times. When you get home, you haven’t played, and you have to get over your frustration. Then, you play the last four games, There, you are grateful because you reap the fruits of your investment. You want to keep tasting it. »

central he likes

Appetite comes with eating, overeating. Even if Augustin Guerin wasn’t the type to get discouraged, the fact that he was actively involved in the last four games reinvigorated him: “It’s reassuring because sometimes you ask yourself questions about your level. So, When you’re going well through four races, you’ll have the confidence to tackle the training week and the next race. It’s also good to enjoy it when you hit the brakes hard enough.»

Gaining a position is a hurdle, especially when the holder is performing normally. Especially in a central location. Demanding position.He likes: “I like the position, even if it looks ungrateful. But you have to learn to like it because you have a real strategic role that depends on the opposing passer. Then, there’s that moment when you put the box , that’s fine. But you’ll find yourself in a set with no reception, and after that, when it comes back, you have to answer now. After you’ve had two serve errors and a 3rd serve errorand, the reception is perfect and the opposing passer keeps you in the wind. Great, you can get back on the bench (smiles).

Against Avignon on Saturday, no one said he will be playing for a fifth straight game. Nicolas Guardian has to come back. Augustin is ready for the possibility: “That’s it, it’s the coach’s choice. Next week I’ll work harder to show him that I want to play.”


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