Haikyu will release new manga to celebrate its 10th anniversary

Haijiu! ! Turning 10 this year, the long-running junior team focuses on intense volleyball, promising fans ten new projects will be revealed in the series. Now, in addition to items like an art exhibit and an actual volleyball game, a special manga from creator Haruichi Furudate to release later this month may have other surprises for fans. Considerable. Birthday.

In addition to the upcoming special manga Yu Haijiu The creators are returning to their franchise, and some other projects to help celebrate are a live-action volleyball game to help celebrate the tenth anniversary, a short radio drama that will explore the daily lives of the characters, a new key visual, and even an art An exhibit that can take fans back to the teenage franchise’s past. Yu Haijiu Season four will get an English dub in March of this year, though that doesn’t seem to fall within the scope of the aforementioned announcement.

UK official account Yu Haijiu The manga shares major series updates and when fans can expect special manga chapters to arrive:

If you need a refresher on what happened in season four Haijiu! !The official description for the final season reads as follows:

“Once again, determination and teamwork helped the Karasano High School volleyball team qualify for the upcoming national championship. Then, just when everything started to freeze, the team was temporarily separated as two members were invited to a special training camp, Kageyama Attending the famous all-Japan training camp, Tsukishima was invited to a special training camp held in Miyagi in the early years. As the rest of the Karasano team stubbornly continued their own practice games, Hinata felt left behind. His daring solution, breaking rookie camp, caught everyone off guard, but he somehow managed to make his way through being allowed to stay…even if he just looked a little squinted. And that shift in perspective might just be Hinata All it takes to take her game to the next level in HAIKYU! – at the top!”

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