Handball – Abalo: “At this World Cup, everyone understands what’s possible”

Since the start of the World Cup, the French team has been very calm…

Luc Abalo: “It’s always positive to start the game with two wins (against Norway and Austria, editor’s note). We’re smiling, but we’re still vigilant because it’s just the beginning. Focus, we’re not overwhelmed, We try to keep our heads on our shoulders. We know we’re going to have a very tough game against an opponent who can’t be underestimated on Monday.

Looking back, was the loss and draw against Serbia a week ago a blessing in disguise before leaving for Egypt?

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LA: “Not much has changed. Serbia played really well, really smart. They had a psychological advantage in the second half of Game 1 (27-24), and in Game 2, they had this The advantage and we can only win a draw (26-26) but really, they are a very good team. We know there are some good things and we also have to admit that the opponent is better. Norway (28-24 win) Thursday ) a little bit exhausted, we know them better; we have more time to prepare for the game, that’s what makes the difference. Tomorrow (against Switzerland) this team might play with seven (outfield players) It’s a problem we’re not used to solving. But today, handball is special, everyone plays well and knows what’s possible. After that, it doesn’t have much to play, individual exploits. From this game We know, we don’t know. We just need to be positive in the game and not get lost.”

France center Ludovic Cesc Fabregas tries to score during the match between Austria and France at the 2021 World Men’s Handball Championship

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The threat of Covid-19 looms over the team: with two exits before the game, Cape Verde cannot face Germany this Sunday. Does it make sense to play the first World Cup with 32 teams in a pandemic?

LA: “I don’t have enough information to say if that’s reasonable. We’re trying to protect our health, there’s a risk, that’s for sure. They made the decision to go to this game, we as players made the decision to go there , we are not forced. We must pursue our options.”

You are placed at the foot of the pyramid, but cannot leave your hygiene bubble. What do you do in your free time? Did the pyramid inspire you?

LA: “I’m a little disappointed that we don’t have time to do much. We spend a lot of time walking around. In our free time, the players go to therapy, we call our families, we keep in touch outside. The pyramid is spectacular and we use the hotel Beautiful views of the gardens, but we couldn’t get close to them and we didn’t have time to be inspired because we talked a lot about handball.”

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