Handball: Against Hungary, the Blues are already preparing for the World Cup

Less than four months after the Olympic coronation ceremony behind closed doors in Tokyo, and a full week before heading into Spain’s World Championship against Angola, France prepare to face Hungary this Friday night (9pm, live on L’Équipe channel) Pierre-de-Coubertin Stadium in Paris. Les Bleues will find the Hungarians on Sunday (5pm) before heading to Spain, where the World Cup officially kicks off on Wednesday.


Handball is crazy sometimes. Les Bleues have yet to recover from the Olympic mood that they had to play at the World Championships. “The Olympics, the World Championships, the French Championships, the UEFA Champions League: the girls are playing too much, sorry for coach Olivier Krumholz. I’m in favour of increasing the interval between international competitions and every Host a World Cup every four years. Among men, this returns every two years by diluting their interest and performance, especially in Olympic years. In Spain’s group stage, the Blues will face Angola, Slovenia and Montenegro .


At Coubertin, home to Paris Saint-Germain, the Olympic champions will face Hungary twice this weekend. The first prep game will be played at the same venue this Friday night, followed by the rematch on Sunday. Ranked seventh at the Olympics, Hungary remains a tough opponent: “I found that the girls are in better shape than they were in October,” Olivier Krumholz said again. We’re starting off easy because they’re coming out of the intense period of the Champions League. But we’re working well by going back to our gaming habits, hopefully getting operational as soon as possible. »

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Melino Candy. Thirteen Olympic champions were called up to the World Cup, hence the double confrontation with the Hungarians at Coubertin. Olympic champion Méline Nocandy has a chance to make her mark in the capital. The former Messina signed with Paris 92 on Thursday and the public in the capital will be able to get to know her even if the club plays not at Coubertin but at Issy across the Seine: “Merlin is in my opinion the best in the world. One of the players. I think she is the Mbappe of our women’s handball world because of her precocity and boundless room for improvement,” capital’s coach Yasin Mesaudi looked forward to.

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