Handball Euro: How much will France’s players win if they win in the end?

We’re nowhere near what the 2018 world champion footballer gets (ten times less)…decrypted.

Before discussing the potential benefits of tricolour handball players at Euro 2022, it may be worth recalling the practice of football, the most lucrative sport on the Old Continent.

According to published data Parisian In June last year, Mbappe’s partner, or 26 players, and the French staff were successful at the European Championship, which was eventually won by Italy, and could have each received a bonus of up to 340,000 euros. For the record, the winner of the 2018 World Cup in Russia has taken home the €400,000 jackpot.

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Even if they are not pitied, Nikola Karabatic, Ludovic Fabregas and the others will be, and whatever happens in Budapest between now and January 30, is far from the goal. Far. There was good negotiation before the race, and they were awarded €40,000 for the first place, €20,000 for a place in the finals and €10,000 for the bronze medal.

Importantly, the French Handball Federation (FFHB) applies gender equality in this area. But in case of premature elimination, you will understand, bring! Well, not quite.

All the days spent in blue did bring in 200 to 350 euros for FFHB associates. Increment is a function of the selection amount. From 1 to 39 capes, you receive 200 euros per day until Guillaume Gille releases you. Other than that, it’s 350.

Paid club

At this price, Captain Valentine Potter, the most experienced of the gang, should have earned around 10,000 euros by the end of January. This accumulation certainly cannot replace the salary that Montpellier handball continues to pay him.

In return, MHB is compensated like all other international supplier clubs. Up to €454 per player per day from the European Union (EHF) – in matches only – €112 to 600 depending on the round during the World Cup (IHF). To save, we must add the 153 euros allocated by the FFHB for the Frenchman Hugo Descat, valentine doorYanis Lenne and Julien Bos in this case.

“Not all national federations are so generous with no obligation to compensate, however, acknowledging a leader who is familiar with the fees. Sometimes we don’t receive anything to make our boys available.

7,000 EUR net income in Starligue

In short, what works in France will not necessarily work in Argentina, Tunisia or Slovenia. For records, Starligue’s median salary is €7,000. The French players are worth between 8,000 and 12,000 euros, and the glass ceiling is around 15,000 euros.

except being called Nikola Karabatic (Paris SG) or Dika Mem (Barcelona). Melvin Richardson peaked at €14,000 in Montpellier before joining his friends at Barca.

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