Handball: In Dunkirk, Montpellier wins fourth straight in Star League

Montpellier handball continued their series of title victories with a convincing victory at the Dunkirk Stadium (26-31) during the 16th day of the Star League on Sunday 13 January.

Montpellier handball was better at the beginning of the year. Both the result and the attitude, with this solid victory in the north, the inhabitants of Montpellier proved that the proposed mission was well under way.

Following the battles at Chartres at the end of 2021 and Saran at Limoges at the beginning of 2022, the MHB fought in Dunkirk for the fourth time on Sunday. That hasn’t happened to them in this dying season in France.

‘Dunkirk’ got off to a good start, but gave way

However, Patrice Canaye’s men faced a playful Dunkirk side who led by three goals around the 20th minute (10-7) and eventually tied at half-time (13-13).

Valentine Porter and the others then played the first hole (16-19, 42nd) and minutes later saw Dunkirk regain its height (19-19, 46th).

4th in Montpellier standings

But MHB made an effort around the 50th minute, passing the ball before the score and was no longer caught, winning by a comfortable margin (26-31).

A win gave Montpellier a temporary boost to fourth place in the standings. In Creteil, MHB will host Vardal in the Champions League on Wednesday night (6.45pm) to keep their top spot in the group before moving again the next day.

Porter: ‘I see a freer team’

MHB Captain Valentin Porte (in front of beIN SPORTS microphone): “It’s just the start of the second stage of the Championship and we’re so behind that we no longer have the right to make mistakes. The coach is very, very clear, the message is delivered. We can see it’s going to be complicated and we’re not going to be like that overnight, though. It’s going to be very good in between. It’s complicated against Sala, it’s very complicated in Limoges. I think we have to realise that it’s going to be very tough against everyone, home and away, promotion, first.. .Tonight, even with a lot of technical waste, I saw a more free team, especially in the second half. When we were on the handbrake. That was better, and more laughs tonight.”

“We have to regain our confidence in ourselves, in all aspects of the game, defensively and offensively. Sometimes we play for 5-10 minutes and then we play sideways with the handbrake on. We have to let go, We have players to let go. Technically, nothing is perfect, but we work harder and that gives us confidence.”

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