Handball (LBE): Mérignac Handball moves the grand match against Metz to Jean Doguet – ARL

March 2, 2022

For the second time in the 2021-2022 season, MHB will perform at the large Jean Dauguet hall in Bordeaux. After Brest, the Foudroyantes will return to Emmanuel Mayonnaise’s Metz handball at the end of the month.

This is Mérignac handball will be a new match against Metz on Sunday 20 March. This grand game against The most successful teams in French handball won’t play in the Coubertin room in Mérignac, but For Jean Dauguet of Bordeaux. This will be the second game in the Bordeaux right bank room this season, after a defeat against Brest.

The Return of Emanuel Mayonnaise

The match will take place at 3.15pm and will count towards Day 19 of the Butagaz Energie Leaguea championship dominated by the Lorraine region, currently did not lose the game. Coach Emmanuel Mayonnade from Miosathe team impresses with 16 wins and a six-point lead of their chasers (Brest and Paris 92). Equipped with France internationalOlympic champion and world vice-champion (Méline Nocandy, Tamara Horacek, Kalidiatou Niakate, Chloé Valentini), Messines also developed in parallel in Europe’s most prestigious European Cup Champions League.

Once again facing the leader of the championship, The task was not easy for Christophe Chagnard’s daughters, at the bottom of the soft underbelly of Ligue 1, in 11th place and seems far enough away from the relegation zone. Nonetheless, the Foudroyants intend to end the 2021-2022 season in the best possible way and hope to secure a place in Europe.

This meeting will also be Emmanuel Mayonnade returns to the room where he raised the Challenge Cup 2015 European Union and Union Mios Biganos-Bègles.

On February 9th, Salle Jean Dauguet presents sold out counter During the reception in Brest. Nearly 2,500 people followed up in a warm atmosphere. To be sure, things will be similar on March 20. Girondine players want support no matter what. ” Glad to see a room like this, Comments on player Audrey DeRoine at the end of the game against the Bretons. The audience was boiling. If all these members of the public could move like that in Mérignac’s race… ”. The ticket office is already open at this link.

Affected by this, MHB will travel to Besançon on March 12 and is currently the 12th LBE.


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