handball. Luc Foret trained in Capa and then Beuzeville to join the French Deaf team

Luc Foret, 31, has been with AL Buquet-Elbeuf for three years. A few months ago, he joined the French deaf team. He wears size 15.
Luc Foret, 31, has been with AL Buquet-Elbeuf for three years. A few months ago, he joined the French deaf team. He wears size 15. (©DR/Luc Foret)

“It’s a treat. It pays off! » Luc Fowler31 years old, from the region Pont-Audemer (Earle)attended many parties The French handball team is for the deaf and hard of hearing. In 2017, a specific league was created with seven team championships. The best players make up the French team. The World Championships were held last year. “Managers want to find new players licensed by the French Handball Federation to improve the team’s level,” explains Luke.

“I wanted to play football”

Luc Foret completed the national selection with four other partners, including goalkeeper Corentin Sellier of Sotteville-lès-Rouen, which is preparing for the European Championships and the new World Championships. In their last meeting, the Blues faced a team from Alamo (Gard), the city where their internship was based. “We are preparing for the Olympics, but ultimately there will be no French handball team due to lack of budget,” said the 30-year-old. The next gathering will be at Easter and will be in the Rouen area.

Luc Foret has been practicing his hands since he was 6½ years old.

“Because I wear hearing aids, I have a hard time exercising outdoors. I would have liked to play rugby, but without these devices, communication is impossible.

Luc Fowler

It was in the hands of Capa, in Pont-Audemer, that Luc began his training. After seven years at Cosec, he joined the neighboring Beuzeville club. “That’s when I started playing on the senior teams and was leveling up,” recalls the 1.9 million guy.

Luc Foret with the French Deaf team.
Luc Foret with the French Deaf team. (©DR/Luc Foret)


found by the club St. Marcel/Vernon, he joined the reserves as a young hopeful. Who can play in all guard positions (right, center or left half) can play in National 3 and has also made a few appearances in ProD2. His studies then brought him to Sarthe, where he played for a year at Le Mans: “I remember we were in the regional semi-finals of the French Cup. He then went to Paris to play for the Mets for two years. A year ago, Luke returned to Beuzeville and then to the Grand-Quevilly club Cesaire Levillin, where he will stay for four years before arriving at Amicale laïque Buquet-Elbeuf.

Luc is the technical director of an underground network detection company and lives in Canteleu. “In Elbeuf, I played with friends. The team played in zone 2 and was in the middle of the table. The goal is to keep going,” he said. However, he may find an eighth club next season: “I would like to be able to play at Prénationale again in order to have a good level in the French team”, concludes the very young father.

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