Handball/Star League. ‘These guys have to bite their necks’, Nicola Portner before facing Nantes

Nicola, how did you experience the postponement of last week’s match against Toulouse due to the coronavirus?

“Obviously bad. After our away win over Creteil (29-31) to recover after the break, we want to continue. Training is good, but we’re here to play handball! Toulouse, who were one point behind us, was decisive for the game in Europe. We will play after a two-month break in front of our supporters. Unfortunately, almost half of the team has been affected by Covid .

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This Friday’s game against Nantes will be your magic pot again (7 games, 6 wins) and you’ll be surprised at the top level. Ready for the feat despite having lost to them twice this season?

“I think this break motivates us more. I think in the team, if we’re told ‘you’re ready and play in two hours, that’s the kickoff, everyone is ready to play’.” Nantes , of course, they were fine and everything smiled at them, but after that, no one was invincible, let alone with us.”

You’re the best goalkeeper in the league, but you couldn’t be decisive in the first two games against H this season. Time for a big Nicola Portner on a Friday night?

“Obviously a great Nicola Portner is needed against Nantes, more has to be done for a club like this, 7-8 saves are not enough to beat them, but Nancy also needs a great Nicholas next Friday. Gula Portner, because I can tell you that if you don’t have a goalkeeper, we’re going to lose. That’s what happened against Chartres earlier this season. But last year, we lost at home to Tremblay , my save percentage was 41%. That’s what our team is, we rely on defense, and without it we can’t win. So, Friday night, you also need a great Pierre Patul, a The great Gerdas Babarskas, a Quido Traore and an Alex Trita to defend the field, like we limited Montpellier to 23 goals. The ball is the same as beating them at home. Tomorrow, these guys have to bite their necks, we missed the first two games against Nantes this season, we talked about it again, it was an assist, a goal… …I don’t know of any goalkeeper who has made 20 saves from 6 meters in one game. Nicola Portner on a great night, one is not enough! »

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