Handball – Women’s World Championships: France beats Norway in final (29-22)

As in Euro 2020, the French women’s handball team lost to Norway in the final, this time representing the World Championships (29-22). Disappointingly, France performed well in the first half.

French handball players disappointed in the final of the World Championships. Les Bleues lost to Norway. Blame it on a second-half failure and a superb performance from the Norwegian goalkeeper. However, there was a smile for the Frenchman in the first half. The game got off to a tight start, with neither team winning or losing. France leads 4-3 in 10 gamesand minutes and responded well to the dynamic Norwegian in attack. Like Alisson Pineau, in the 7m throw (4/4 of the first half) and several writers from Laura Glauser made saves in goal. But in a game like this, it’s hard for two teams of the same level to make a difference: until France made it 5-0 (14-8), thanks in particular to the individual performances of Estelle Nze, Minko and Grace Zaadi. A nice hip shot. At half-time, the Blues were logically ahead (16-12).

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– Hand Action (@HandAction) December 19, 2021

Nightmarish start to the second half

The start of the second half was a tough one for Les Bleues: 0-4 in two minutes for Norway to pull one back. The Scandinavians even strode back to the front (18-19). Les Bleues couldn’t wake up and struggled to contain his opponent. they are at 40and Minutes (19-22) it would be too difficult to overcome. Cleopatra Darleux’s team-mates seemed hopeless in attack, scoring just four goals in 20 minutes…too little, too complicated, against a wild Norwegian who didn’t release the pressure. The Frenchman is no longer there to return to the game (+6 to 50and minute). Final score (22-29). Norway has won the fourth world title in its history. And confirmed that she is definitely the black beast of the French team…

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