Handball/World Championship. Bisontine Lucie Granier changes identities with Bleues

Lucie Granier is kind of like the sunshine of ESBF and now Les Bleues. According to her coach Sebastian Mizule, at the World Cup, she “saw something extraordinary in the French team, which will make her grow even more”. Because the 22-year-old right winger is still sometimes surprised by what he can bring. “I’m not saying she underestimated herself, but she was someone who was always surprised by her performance, just less and less. Now, with Lucy Granier on the field, it’s no longer a surprise, no more It’s the little boy from the training center. She’s a very good handball player at international level. »

Who knows how he took his chances during his two internships with France and then now at Granollers at the World Cup. “During the game, Lucy was her careless. We saw in the videos on the internet that he was a bit of a clown for the team. I know she gets along very well with the old people, and I think of Alison in particular ( Pino) ​​or Estelle (Enzeminko), I had her in Nimes and shared a room with her. She is with very high level players. She will progress in handball, learn to be a The feeling of an international player.”

Sébastien Mizoule: “Lucy will be a role model”

When she finds out about the daily life of her club, it must have another identity. “She’s going to be an example. It can be a big focal point for the club, a real engine. Age doesn’t matter. If it’s 22, it’s 22. It’s not age that determines what you should be, it’s what you do The quality of things, what you stand for, and the medal I hope it brings back.»

If of course she gets a well-deserved rest day, Lucy Granier won’t have time to really digest the World Cup and its new dimension, as she will have to quickly achieve her club goals in the Dijon derby on January 5, followed by Headed to Hungary on the 8th to face Mosonmagyarovari in the EHF Cup.

“He was a constant physical laborer who did a lot in the field. She was also forced to paint mentally to collect the workload. If we correlate everything, she might come back with some Trouble,” warned Sébastien Mizoule. But Lucie Granier has proven more than once that she knows how to handle the challenges that come her way.

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