Handball – World Championships: Against Spain, the Blues do a little more than medals

In Cairo’s huge (and empty) stadium on Friday, the Blues were stronger than they were against Sweden. Saturday’s awakening was painful for a team that tiptoed to Egypt after a historic Euro 2020 first-round knockout, but it has regained its ambitions with a seven-game winning streak. In the quarter-finals, a painful qualification taken away after extra time against Hungary (35-32) highlighted France’s weakness: another poor start against Switzerland (25-24) and Algeria (29) -26), and central defender Kentin Mahé missing for Portugal (32-23).

With defender Luka Karabatic and Gunners Timothy Nguessan injured, plus Nikola Karabatic, Elohim Planty and Wesley Paddin, Dark clouds have built up. The most missed in the end was the goalkeeper in Aix-en-Provence: without him, Vincent Gérard (20 shots, 1 save) and Jan Genti (16, 3 saves) at Andreas · Palika Festival (11/35). “Maybe it’s a little too high”, Captain Michal Gigu, who saw his dream of a fifth world title shattered after 2009, 2011, 2015 and 2017, sighed with a sad expression. “We’re going to try to find the energy and the rotation to keep our heads up.”

29 January 2021 Jean-Jacques Akvillo, Nedim Remili and Valentin Porter after France beat Sweden at the World Cup

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“A ray of hope”

Within 24 hours, the Blues must first “The problem to be solved after selling this game, it’s heavy, it’s going to weigh on the body, especially on the head.” “Because we all imagined another outcome of this meeting”, Guillaume Gill was recognized.apart from the fact “end on a positive note”, According to the coach, after bronze medals at Euro 2018 and World Cup 2019, there is no lack of motivation to win a third bronze in as many years.

The return of France “from far away”, Dika Mem recalls. In his first season, Gill, a former assistant to Didier Dinet, who was knocked out after the Euro humiliation, will complete a goal carefully set for the Blues in early January, before finishing in two unsuccessful games against Serbia. After the game, in the fog, “Being able to pretend to fight for the distribution of medals”. After Sweden fails, Spain succeeds “good for the head”, Ludovic Fabregas added that he is also planning the next chapter: the Tokyo Olympic Qualifying Tournament (TQO) against Croatia, Tunisia and Portugal in Montpellier in mid-March.

France center Ludovic Cesc Fabregas tries to score during the match between Austria and France in Group E of the 2021 World Men’s Handball Championship

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“If we qualify, this will be a silver lining for the TQO and the Olympics in the next few years and in the near term”underscore. “We will also try to reward the elders, this may be their last World Cup.” Monument Guigou (38) and Luc Abalo (36), with as many choices between them (565) as the entire Swedish team combined, Tokyo could be the final horizon of an international career full of titles: Four Worlds (three One is Abaro, who was absent due to injury in 2015), three euros, two Olympics.

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Spain, defending the European Double, ended a two-year invincibility against Denmark (35-33) in the other semi-final, and there were also executives with Raul Entre Rios (39), Daniel Sa Miento (37) and Veran are nearing the end of Moros (36), but he has not won a world medal since winning gold on home soil in 2013.

“There’s a medal at stake. It’s always important”confirms Sarmiento, the centre-forward of San Rafael, so he knows the Blues as well as many of his compatriots: Sole and Moros in Paris, Figueres in Nantes… With Barcelona – Cesc Fabregas, Mem and Nguessan reunite on one hand, Entre Ríos, Gomez, Perez de Vargas, Arino on the other For one thing – it’s almost a family reunion.

“Spanish” go “Find the strength to play this game”, Moros said. Despite being a player for her age, this Spain shouldn’t be expected to provide glamour on the plate.

21 January 2021 Gedeon Guardiola during the World Cup in Spain-Germany

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