Handball World Championships: France loses at the foot of the podium

The Spanish handball player, two-time defending European champion (2018, 2020), won a bronze medal at the 2021 World Cup, beating France 35-29 in Cairo this Sunday.

The Spaniard is on the podium at the World Championships for the first time since winning in 2013, while the Frenchman misses out on a World Cup medal for the first time since 2013 (6th).

The French team includes two Martiniquans, Wesley Pardin (injured during the game) and Jean-Jacques Acquevillo, as well as two Reunion men Melvyn Richardson and Nicolas Claire.

Blues ‘couldn’t’ do better, regret captain Mikhail Gigu

French handball left winger and captain Michaël Guigou, who was beaten by Spain for the fourth time on Sunday and the World Cup, said after the game: “It’s a pity it ended like this, but unfortunately, I don’t think we can do that between us. The glitches we’ve had since early January (confiscation of Elohim Prandi), the glitches we’ve had during the game (Wesley Pardin’s injury), the glitches we’ve had during the quarter-finals The breakdown of (Luka Karabatic and Timothy N’Guessan). When you want to go further, you have to be able to hold on, you need a team, a rotation that prevents us from providing the necessary freshness for the last four games Sensation. Luka (Karabatic) was injured at the start of the second half (against Hungary) and we had to have the centre-back without him, you shoot at the players, and extra time…”

“Then mentally, we didn’t lead our games easily from the start, if anything, except against Portugal, which requires more energy than you do in the quarter-finals playing like Sweden.” Against Qatar, 35-23) . We put a lot of mental effort into it from the start and it’s harder to beat you when you’re still behind. »

(Injured players return in mid-March Olympic qualifiers) “In order for people to get back in good shape, you have to stop playing 4 games a week on the calendar. If we don’t want too many people breaking out, we have to stop the bullshit, which unfortunately has been the case since the season started. Situation. It’s been a complicated year for the economy, everyone knows that, but everyone has to stay sane. »

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