Handball – World Cup 2021: France lose to Spain 35-29 and finish 4th in tournament

Chocolate medal for the French team. Two days after the half-time rout of Sweden, Habs took another hit, this time with Spain, the two-time European champion, who dominated the mini-final from start to finish (35-29). Rodrigo Corrales, in particular, scored in superb form and the Spaniard ended the World Cup in bad fashion by securing a bronze medal at the expense of a still very sluggish France.

After 7 wins from 7 games, positive momentum that seemed to be on the way, and slightly crazy dreams of a seventh world title, France was rushed back to school four days later. After Sweden’s disappointment on Friday, it was Spain who gave the Blues a good slap in the face, brought them back to Earth and most importantly sent them home with an empty suitcase, which they so desperately wanted to bring home medal. . Compared to Sweden, but not so much, in this World Cup, France got into a very bad start.

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January 30, 2022 at 6:24 pm

Blues almost never believe

Multiplied by the entry parade, Corrales, former PSG keeper and now partner of Kentin Mahé at Veszprém, gave Hispanos a quick take off (4-0, 5th). Unable to replace the opposition goalkeeper, the attack was still too messy, Guillaume Gill could hardly believe it at the time. Even though Vincent Gerrard made a couple of important saves, though not beyond reproach, he only got within the Spaniard’s goal twice (27th and 33rd) at half-time Back in the locker room with a score of 16-13, like… against Sweden.

Corrales’ performance continued in the second half (16 saves for a final success rate of 38%), with only Hugo Descat succeeding in the streak (7/8 left-wing shots). Led by Dujshebaev brothers Alex (8 goals, top scorer of the game) and Daniel (6/7 shooting), Jordi Ribera’s men excelled in a three-color defense where Luka Karabatic was still too orphaned.

Many goals were conceded too easily, as was the case at the start of the game, leaving the French to believe until the end that when they had the ball back to 3 goals in the 58th minute, they finally conceded 35 goals, which is what they had in this game. Worst total goals in this tournament, the Blues leave Egypt disappointed with Olympic qualifiers in mid-March just around the corner.

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January 30, 2022 at 4:21 pm

European Championship

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