“He acted like a jerk, no wonder”

If the Lakers are in their desperate situation, it’s because the culprits are multifaceted. But one of them, at the top of the pyramid, condenses attention and criticism in a tiny microcosm of the NBA…

Condemned for making the playoffs or even skipping the playoffs, the Lakers can no longer dodge it unless a miracle occurs: yes, this 2021-2022 season is a resounding fiasco. It would be too long (and pointless) to list all the culprits, and they span nearly every floor of the purple and gold house, but one deserves special attention: Rob Pelinka.

Despite collecting rings in 2020, Angelinos’ general manager made several mistakes after taking over the team.The biggest of course is to leave LeBron James Anthony Davis convinces him that Russell Westbrook is better than Buddy Hield and others role player. But that’s not all.

Rob Pelinka is heavily criticized across the league

In an article for the Bleacher Report, journalist Jack Fischer revealed that Pelinka has been estranged from part of the league for several years. And inevitably, it doesn’t help to complete the transaction…especially when this situation is combined with the suspicious behavior of the principal in question:

The management of several rivals said Pelinka sometimes lacked manners and courtesy when dealing with other teams.

“He didn’t even call back some of the teams that contacted him before this year’s deadline,” explained one competition general manager.

“As an agent, he’s already an asshole,” added another assistant general manager. “He has the strongest players and when he wants them to move, he shakes you relentlessly to get what he wants. You can’t treat people like that and expect them to cooperate with you when you get over the fence”.

Those elements, now public, have further eroded Pelinka’s status, and he could pay for this season’s fiasco.Trapped in a complex vice, the LA power structure, former operatives Kobe Bryant After Rich Paul, had to shuttle between Jeanie Buss, Kurt Rambis and Klutch Sports. An easy job that can quickly turn into a nightmare when everything is as it is now.

If the Lakers’ season ends looking like it’s in progress, a total failure, Pelinka may be asked to pack.If that’s the case, it’s safe to say that in claiming that LeBron and Davis have agreed status quowill weigh heavily in the balance…

Rob Pelinka’s sordid days, he might have done without these revelations. The Lakers general manager had little leeway in surviving the sinking, but it was real. watch him now…

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