“He’s going to be the face of the league like Curry never had”

With LeBron James’ reign over the NBA seemingly coming to an end, the league is looking for a new flagship representative. According to one analyst, a young superstar thus has a better chance of inheriting the status than Stephen Curry, who according to him never got!

For some, this crippling underperformance is just a side-effect, and it won’t happen again this season. Unfortunately, the reality of the facts often makes them lie. Eliminated in the first round of the playoffs last year. LeBron James This year seems destined for another ill-timed holiday. His face tag in the league is therefore under serious threat.

At 37, the King no longer appears to be capable of leading his Lakers to victory, despite still being impressive. Therefore, the honorary title he has held for many years will soon be awarded to one of his successors. Stephen Curry’s name stands out among some observersbut still far from consensus!

Is Ja Morant more united than Stephen Curry?

in the set indisputableRic Bucher estimates Ja Morant Embody a new generation of talent in the league!

He probably is! No doubt he is on his way. Now he has work to do. He’s the No. 7 jersey seller, and he’s No. 8 in All-Star Game voting, second only to Stephen Curry among guards in the West.

In fact, on a quantitative level, the Grizzlies leader doesn’t seem to have reached Stephen’s popularity, despite his recent stellar performances.How does it affect journalists fox sportswhich gives him the upper hand over the Chiefs in this fictional match!

I think he has a better chance of being the new face of the league than Stephen Curry, even though he never made it.

a shocking view Stephen Curry, which many observers have dubbed the NBA headlines. However, according to Bucher, the fluidity of the Golden State star simply does not allow him to occupy such a position!

That’s partly due to Stephen Curry’s nature. In Ja Morant’s game, there’s this extra, this inner fire. Stephen Curry is a baby-faced assassin, almost too good. And, for whatever reason, that has kept him from being the face of the league. Ja Morant, he has something extra, his dynamic side of the game, which is why I think he has a chance to be someone Stephen Curry has never had.

Before receiving this honor, Morant could already aim for the MVP title, Some of his prestigious peers have already credited him !

So for Ric Bucher, Ja Morant is more destined to run the league than some Stephen Curry who can never take them away from LeBron James. A questionable point that fans of Chef fans will definitely try to dismantle in no time!

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