“He’s the face of the league, not LeBron! »

After a fresh win at the All-Star Game, LeBron continues to receive plenty of praise in the NBA community. But according to a prominent analyst, the Kings will no longer position themselves as the league’s main representative!

If some still doubt his popularity with fans, the All-Star Game has allowed them to get straight to the point. West’s most popular player, LeBron James Once again retained as captain of the prestigious conference. Cleveland’s warm welcome to him also swept away any doubts that local fans had resented him.

The 37-year-old King is also busy recalling that he still has what it takes to be a part of this elite cast. With averages of 29.1 points, 7.9 rebounds and 6.5 assists per game, he is once again the Lakers’ first weapon and one of the best players in the NBA. What to keep the league’s face tag? Not necessarily to some, although all these elements can suggest it!

For Smith, Stephen Curry has more aura than LeBron

At ASG end, LeBron still shines by registering game winner, Stephen A. Smith prefers him Stephen Curry On the set of First Take!

I believe the face of the league is Stephen Curry. Almost by default! He won, and LeBron, no! It really comes down to me.

In fact, for prominent ESPN reporters, group performances play a big role in the attribution of that status. In this small game, the one who dominates the weekend teammates is clearly the chef!

If you will, LeBron is the face of the league thanks to his performances off the court. But I’m pretty good about what’s going on on the floor. Stephen Curry provided just as much spectacle. Even if LeBron provides some and deserves huge recognition for it, the Lakers are having a tough time and Stephen Curry wins!

So the logic of categorization will take precedence over pure sympathy ratings, which is bad for LeBron. To support his point, SAS also thinks the younger generation will recognize themselves more as the leader of the Golden State team than the leader of the Lakers!

The kids on the local court knew they couldn’t be LeBron, a 6-foot, 250-pound, athletic and powerful powerhouse. And with Steph Curry, you can say to yourself, “I can shoot, I can look like him!”. On top of that, he’s very likable, he’s a first-class avatar, he can shoot from the parking lot , he’s the best shooter in history, and he wins. So now, I think that makes him the face of the league.

Long demo, unfortunately he couldn’t get everyone to agree on this!

According to Stephen A. Smith, LeBron James, weighed down by the Lakers’ pale health, would unknowingly cede his NBA crown to Stephen Curry. No doubt he will be looking to recover with a string of victories in the coming weeks!

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