“He’s the Warriors’ most important player, not Curry”

Stephen Curry may be Golden State’s most iconic member, but one player believes he’s not the core of the team. According to sources, the role will fall to another Californian who turns out to be a veteran of the house. And he wasn’t particularly wrong…

When it comes to opposing teams preparing to play against the Warriors, there’s no need to know which player they’ll be targeting first. Stephen Curry Obviously the number one consideration, dual MVPs have been Dubs’ main weapon for nearly a decade. His presence gives his teammates more space on the floor, and the leader attracts his defenses due to his qualities as a long-range shooter.

However, is he the most important player in the team? Festus Ezeli, for example, doesn’t think so, he knows what he’s talking about. The former center spent his entire (short-lived) three-year career with the Golden State Warriors, notably participating in the 2014-15 coronation. According to the Nigerian, the honor will go to one of his former friends in the racket: Draymond Green. 2017 DPOY has been injured since mid-January, which has caused San Francisco players to play at a lower level. According to Ezeli, who spoke on the subject recently, this is no coincidence:

Draymond Green, the heart of the Warriors as Festus Ezeli said

Draymond is the most important key to this team. Why? Because they built a system around it. They built a system around the three guys Draymond, Stephen and Klay. He may not be the best player on the team, but he is the most important.

They need their Defensive Player of the Year to build their half-court game. When you miss guys like Draymond, he hits all the screens, he sets great screens for Steph and Klay, he’s the leader and the core of the team…you certainly miss Draymond Germany.

The absence of the Dancing Bears is evident in the Bay Area, where the latter is the foundation of the game Steve Kerr championed. Instead of worrying about scoring, Green relieved teammates of assignments as well as many defensive tasks, often getting stuck with the best opposing attackers. It’s no coincidence that GS has had a mediocre record since being hospitalized (14-11)…so we have to hope he’s back soon to optimize his chances of playoff success.

Festus Ezeli has played alongside Stephen Curry and Draymond Green for a long time, so he knows what he’s talking about. Not sure if the Chiefs are contradicting his words, as the dual MVP has been raising the importance of the inside for the Dubs.

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