Huge blow to Ben Simmons and the Nets!

Ben Simmons is expected to play with Kevin Durant and company for the first time in the next few weeks, and he doesn’t yet know when he will make his debut. The latest update on the subject is pretty bad, a reminder that Australians aren’t ready yet. You have no choice but to be patient.

The Nets have had a complicated week as the balance sheet becomes balanced again, 32-32 to be exact. Kevin Durant’s return didn’t have the desired effect against the Heat, and we’ll have to wait for Ben Simmons on the floor. Steve Nash will have a job because the playoffs aren’t very far for the team.

It’s not easy in this situation, and Kyrie Irving still can’t play at home.The Mayor of New York City spoke on the topic, and Change is not on the agenda. Brooklyn’s ambitions are worrying, even if the priority is to get Simmons back on the court.

Ben Simmons’ return still delayed?

According to multiple sources, Simmons will make his debut shortly after Durant, but according to a recent update, that appears to have changed. We hope to find the leader on the court on March 10, facing his former team, the 76ers. Unfortunately for fans of the show, that’s unlikely.

In his latest piece, reporter Ian Begley was rather pessimistic, even on his return against the Knicks a few days later:

Simmons is unlikely to play against the Magic until March 15. He should miss the 76ers on the 10th and then the Knicks on the 13th, and Brooklyn wants the injured players to work hard before returning to the court.

It’s no different for Simmons, but he’s not ready to return to practice after back pain. As reporters recalled, every missed game was a problem for the Nets:

If Simmons plays Orlando on March 15, he may only have four games to play against Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant before or after the playoffs. Not ideal for a player who hasn’t played in nearly nine months.

Ben Simmons ready for the playoffs? It looks short, maybe too much. The Nets won’t have much team cohesion, which could be costly on arrival. Among the fans, we hope for a little miracle.

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