“I found the philosophy of Barcelona in Creteil”

Coming to Cristolia’s control this summer, Fernando Barberto has quickly found success. After a wealth of experience, especially at Barcelona, ​​the Spain boss has made no secret of his satisfaction that Creteil has met his demands this season. Interview with Le Quotidien du Sport and Handball magazine.

How do you rate the season so far?

I am happy with the first part. This is the result of our work. We started very hard preparations. This is normal. There are a lot of changes, including a new coach, a new way of playing. We need time to get everything in place, not only for the players but for me as well. I want to see if they accept my playing principles. I can say I am very happy. We can see some interesting things from the friendly matches.

We had three or four weeks of declines, especially in October, but instead we recovered some points thanks to great victories like Limoges. We scored against two Europeans, Toulouse and Nimes. We played well against Nantes, Montpellier, Paris Saint-Germain and Aix. At the end of the first leg, we finished with 11 points, and last year’s maintenance game ended with 18 points.

We must maintain our mindset and continue to be serious in order to achieve our number one goal; maintenance. After that, we’ll see if we can finish the race as high as we can. We are on the right path. Nothing is done. All games are tough. Starligue shows that it is very competitive.

As an ex-Barcelona player, are you surprised by your involvement in the further growth of Créteil?

Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised by the whole club, as a whole. I know its history and also because I played in the Champions League in the same stadium. That was in 1990. In Spain, we know that France has a very professional championship, but I am surprised by the reality. The reality is that it’s more professional. Clubs, organisations and, of course, players.

All teams have high level requirements. There is no denying that there are differences between clubs like Barcelona and Creteil. Barcelona is one of the top three clubs in the world. For me it’s the best (smiles). You can’t do a comparison. Ultimately, Paris Saint-Germain is. In terms of work, I am happy with what I have in my hands. We will continue to work now. I am very happy in Creteil.

“Strengthening the club in the Star League”

What drew you to Creteil?

It is a club with a long history in the Ligue 1. I have at least five good reasons to be here. Close to Paris. Easy to come here. The direct link between Barcelona and Paris finds my family from time to time. This is important. Then, when it comes to sports, it’s a real challenge. Créteil is a club with a long history in French handball. He has shown that he has done some interesting things in recent years. I also found myself in his philosophy.

In recent years, he has indeed lacked consistency back and forth between Proligue and Starligue. But the important thing is to consolidate the club’s position in the first division. Without distorting its philosophy and mission to take young players out of the training center. It is a reference for players like Remili, Descat or Kervadec.

Today, we can think of Sissoko, they are players of international level. It is important to first rely on your training before looking elsewhere. It’s kind of like the Barcelona philosophy. I love working with young players. We will make sure to continue on this path. I can only accept Cretey’s proposal. I don’t regret it at all. We still have a lot of work to do.

Fernando Barberto targets Euros

Can you imagine bringing Creteil back to the European Cup one day?

(laughs) We’re far from it. Today, that’s not the club’s goal, and it’s not my goal. We must first consolidate Creteil’s place in Serie A with the players in the house. We still want to grow and help our young people grow in the next two to three years. There are several ways of working. With professionals and young people. We feel that a beautiful generation is coming.

Do you wish to stay in Creteil for a long time?

When I arrived, I had promised myself that I could speak French. This has been the case since day one. I train in French. I have a three-year contract (2+1). I love projects. I’ve found that Créteil is exactly that, and I’m proud to be a part of it. I won’t hide that I really want to register here for the long term. We have a nice structure. We want to do well. I am surrounded. I would like to continue working at Créteil for a long time. An important French handball city with the Maison du Handball.

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