“I have an update on Zion Williamson and…”

While Zion Williamson was singled out for his behavior with his teammates, one reporter wanted to get to the heart of the matter, which was his health. And the latest information does not give reassurance about his recovery.

when Ja Morant In the process of upending the established order of the NBA, by linking to very high-level games, squeezed into the top 10 in every appearance, whether it is Terrible 360°incredibly violent posters or buzzer from another planetZion Williamson still hasn’t given any signs of life from Oregon, where he is undergoing foot rehab.

While he was supposed to be ready for the team’s training camp, then the start of the season, and then Christmas, things started to get worrisome when no one knew when the No. 1 overall pick in the 2019 draft would return. many experts. And according to some sources, he could even have new surgery on the same foot, casting doubt on the rest of his NBA career.

Zion Williamson out this season?

If attention has recently shifted from player health to talk His strange attitude towards teammatesBrian WindhorstESPN Still wondering what’s really going on with his recovery…Unfortunately, the information gathered by insiders is far from satisfying Pelicans fans.

We haven’t heard from Zion Williamson or his entourage in two months. At the time, he should be back in two or three weeks at the most. The Pelicans were careful, and neither the media nor the player’s entourage had any news. But it now appears that everyone on the team knows he won’t be returning anytime soon. I have an update and it’s not good for Zion.

He had to come back from surgery 5 months ago. This is an unfortunate situation for everyone, and we must now find a way to ensure our long-term health, but also in the short-term. In fact, when executives brought in CJ McCollum, they knew the chances of Zion Williamson returning this season were slim. They no longer have any idea of ​​potential returns.

Absolutely no one on the Pelicans knows when Zion Williamson will be back on the field. The team and the player’s entourage will be very careful to protect his health in the long run, but what are they doing to improve his current situation…obviously it’s better to avoid taking risks with such a talent, but if he doesn’t Never play it as a precaution, it’s not necessarily more useful…

To stop misleading fans, the Pelicans declined to make any predictions about Zion Williamson’s return.corn obviouslywon’t be this season, which is a shame when you know his talent…

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