“If Bronny James wasn’t LeBron’s son…”

17-year-old Bronny James has already sparked curiosity about his future in the NBA over the next few years. What happened to the king’s eldest son? The tongue is relaxed, especially with the latest version of LeBron James, which should change a lot…

Bronny James knew from a young age: He was never going to be a player like everyone else. His every move has been scrutinized, especially since LeBron’s descendants joined Sierra Canyon in May 2019. Does he have a future in the NBA? This is the question everyone is asking, and the king himself has recently sped up the debate in his own way…

In an interview during the All-Star Game, the Lakers star said he will play his final season in the league with his son, no matter what happens. That’s a huge boost for Bronny, who is now almost certain to be drafted just for the team’s prospect of signing LeBron.

Would Brownie be so hyped if he was the son of “Nobody”?

In a recent article, renowned New York Post reporter Mark Stein investigated the situation, interviewing NBA team members about Bronny’s situation. this is very simple:

Bronny James won’t be draft-eligible until 2024, and based on my conversations with multiple teams, he wouldn’t be a draft contender that quickly without his father’s push. As a member of the Eastern Conference, I politely said to me, “If he’s not LeBron’s son, I don’t think he’s going to be a player with a successful year in college.”

It’s clear: at this stage, compared to his performance on the court, Bronny has not reached the level of “once and for all”, which is understood as a player who did not need a season in the NCAA before heading to the NBA. The logic is to see him go to college for 2 or 3 years, but thanks to his father, he will be 40 years old in 2024 and still want to play with him, he really should be “once and for all”.

So Bronny would definitely benefit from a small perk that could carry over to his position on draft night. Most scouts do think he’s good enough to justify a second-round pick, but there are a few teams that might pick him in the first round and always go after LeBron with the least amount of contracts.

Still, Bronny is a worthy and promising player, even though it’s clear to the King that he assured his son through this interview that he’ll be drafted in the NBA. Those who have followed his games at Sierra Canyon know that his basketball IQ is outstanding and his road address is promising. From where to be the first choice? Not yet without the help of father LeBron.

Bronny James is a promising teenager, but at this point, it’s all about keeping a cool head. Of course, hopefully LeBron’s boss will continue to develop to live up to the draft picks that inevitably await him.

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