“If he shoots 80 percent, he’s Shaq, really”

The practice of free throws is still taboo for some players, which has the talent to annoy some experts in the field and is now retired. One of them also thinks that the current bad students will come out on top in the competition if they excel in this area!

The same concerns can still be observed today, despite Logic’s hopes of raising the level. Despite the net gain in popularity over the years, and thus more and more requirements to get into it, the NBA still has some bad free throw shooters. Some stars even got this label despite having great difficulties in their sports.

Giannis Antetokounmpo, Rudy Gobert, Russell Westbrook, Christian Wood: All of these beautiful players are shooting under 75 percent from the free throw line this season, which is unbelievable. Avoided affecting their performance on the field. Ben Simmonshe will have to hope that his extended absence will allow him to improve on the court so as not to take the place next to Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving or Cescurry in the Nets!

Ben Simmons, Shaq 2.0 crushed by free throws

Mark Stein’s recent article on Rick Barry, a strong shooter despite his poor shooting, regrets that Simmons hasn’t added this asset to his arsenal .

It can really be repaired. Someone once told me they would never want to try it, but I don’t get it. How can I solve this problem differently?

For the legend of the Warriors, Big Ben will even show his worthy Shaquille O’Neal If he corrects this!

If he shoots 80 percent from the field, he’ll really be like Shaq given his size. You can find him in the post and he will abuse the small guard while hoping to get fouls! He would be such a dominant factor. He’s going to be one of the best players in the league.

Indeed, Simmons’ atypical size for his position can serve him well, as long as his opponents don’t overwhelm him by constantly pushing him over the line.Fortunately, Australians seem to be aware of this fact, pictured A recent inspiring video for him and Nets fans. If he still needs advice, he can always follow Barry’s, his technique is outdated but effective!

Ben Simmons could be as good in the league as Shaquille O’Neal given Diesel’s clumsiness on the free throw line, if he improves on that, Rick Barry said, though the partnership may feel like Accident. It remains to be seen whether Neo-Net will strive to reach this 80% mark!

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