‘If we don’t do well, we’ll lose to Mende’, Irakis coach estimates

It cheers us up, especially since we’re still a little weak from minor sores. So this shows that the group is responding and that there is consistency…

It cheers us up, especially since we’re still a little weak from minor sores. So it shows that the team is responding and that there is consistency in the lineup that has been built. We didn’t do well last week as we ended up going 2-0 twice and we had match points each time. If we can’t come to a conclusion, it’s not just our actions. When your opponent can get things done, you have to accept it. And the freshness isn’t on our side, it’s hard to have this extra energy and soul to sum it up. When this happens, it’s important to stay calm and sober. Sometimes some wins in content are worth losing, and vice versa. We have to be pretty consistent to bounce back well against Frejus.

Is the team frustrated after these three setbacks?

This was because we wanted to qualify for the French Cup and win one of the two league games, and while it was a setback, it turned into an extra motivation. On the contrary, it did not frustrate us, it brought us together and let us continue to put things in order and put the church in the middle of the village. It’s important to be pragmatic in these moments, sober and humble in the face of failure.

Even if Mende has trouble classifying, should we be afraid of the trip?

Yes, because Mende is a team that knows how to outwit opponents. She’s in trouble because she’s injured and kinda uses AC. But she didn’t let go because she proved Nancy. Relax a little, and the Lozerians will use it against us. They are misclassified, but they won’t let it go. If we don’t do well, we lose at Mende.

Like the game that Mende won 3-2?

Yes, it wasn’t a great game for us. They have the virtue of always believing in it, whether they are good or bad, they don’t give up, and for us, sometimes it’s our fault. We can do well, but when we don’t do well, we get frustrated and annoyed because they didn’t do it and that’s why we lose games.

You still have 5 days to play, how do you feel about the end of the regular season?

The internal discourse is clear. If we want to do well in the play-offs, we have to do well in the league. We have a responsibility to manage the workforce and our investments well, to put ourselves in the best possible spirit and to have the confidence to make the playoffs under the best hosts. It is our responsibility to demonstrate our ability to be consistent.

Are you aiming for a top 4 or a top 8?

Initially, our goal was to be in the top 8.The idea is to be efficient on 2and stage. The first 4 would be ideal, even 3and place, but it’s not only up to us. Saint-Quentin leads us with one game less. So we’ll wait and see.


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