Iggy Azalea has sex with a Lakers player!

NBA Iggy Azalea dating Malik Monk

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Internationally acclaimed rapper Iggy Azalea may be making regular appearances at the Crypto.com Arena in the coming weeks. The artist does share the lives of the members of Pourpres et Ors! And he’s not one of the team’s stars, but a player who has been completely satisfied this season.

Is there a better day to get married than Valentine’s Day? Apparently, Malik Monk thinks no. Indeed, on February 14th, the Lakers back row did show up at the restaurant with his new buddies, especially: Iggy Azalea! The world-renowned singer thus succumbed to the progress of the players… as internet users reminded us on Twitter, these go back a long way!

Malik Monk tried his luck in 2018 and it paid off 4 years later πŸ”₯

Malik Monkey’s new partner for Iki Azalea

That’s called persistence! Remember, Azalea isn’t her first attempt at Purple and Gold, as she was once engaged to Nick Young. Except that the relationship between Swaggy P and the Australian rapper ended in bloody guts, thanks in particular to D’Angelo Russell, who filmed his teammate’s adultery confession before seeing the video appear on social networks…. A very inglorious story at the heart of a very dark period in Californian history.

If this year’s athletic performance isn’t incredible either (26-31 in the West, 9ᡉ), Monk remains one of Angelinos’ rare satisfactions, averaging 1 point per game (behind the 3-point line 40 percent of the time). In any case, on the fan side, he was congratulated for his success in private life, where he eventually won his case against the young woman from Australia. There’s also a chance to throw some feel-good punchlines in the comments:

This guy scores on and off the floor πŸ”₯

Now we know why he took a pay cut to sign in LA 🀣🀣🀣

Clearly, Iggy Azalea is interested in Lakers players. However, let’s hope he doesn’t see his relationship with Malik Monk end like it did with Nick Young!

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