“I’m ashamed to get so many points”

In an individual-centric league like the NBA, playing on the scoreboard is one of the most rewarding feelings. However, one of the most memorable performances of the scene left a bitter taste in the mouth of its author, even embarrassment!

A few days ago, the NBA celebrated the 16th anniversary of this outstanding performance with fans. Kobe Bryant Against the Raptors. On January 22, 2006, the Lakers legend scored 81 points on an inept Toronto team, entering through the front door of league history. To date, that score remains the second-highest scoring burst signed by a player in the league.

The first is owned by Wilt Chamberlain and may never be evicted. One night in March 1962, the fabulous turning point reached the symbolic 100 mark, one of the most incredible individual performances of all time, in any sport. It was also considered his greatest achievement on the court and the pinnacle of a huge career he was able to sign.

Wilt Chamberlain regrets his legendary 100 points

Even today, this insane strength of Chamberlain is often in the news, More and more cult anecdotes about her. No surprise when awarded him 6th in the all-time top 75 sports did the same thing. The famous American media apparently referred to the famous game against the Knicks and recalled through a statement on stilts…he wasn’t proud of it!

The 100-point game will never be as important to me as it is to everyone else. Because I am ashamed of it. After I hit 80, I went as far as I could to get to 100, which ruined the game because I was throwing shots I wouldn’t normally throw. I’m not very smooth. Like, seriously, 63 shots? When you shoot so many balls on the playground, nobody wants to join your team afterwards.

Granted, that total of 63 shots seemed huge to observers and slightly undercut Wilt’s feat. This is also a record in NBA history. However, the Big Dipper had an equally impressive hit rate, succeeding 36 of those 63 attempts (57.1 percent). What does it matter to key stakeholders who think he has twisted the game for his own benefit.

That blame has persisted throughout Chamberlain’s career. Unlike Bill Russell, who scored fewer points but more often crowned champions, he accumulated offensive cards that didn’t necessarily fill his collective record.A fact that is also taken into account sportswhich puts the Celtics icon ahead of his great rivals in his rankings!

Today, Wilt Chamberlain is best known for his famous 100-point game, but he admits he’s not proud of the copy. Proof of his love for the game, he claimed that day had been misrepresented!

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