” I’m at home! “

After becoming head coach of the Phoenix Toulouse handball team this summer, Daniel Angelkovic is off to a solid start to his career at the club he has played for almost always.

How do you feel about the first few months in Toulouse?

we are very happy. We set ourselves the goal of finishing 6th, which is Europe. We love to play in Europe and we are in a difficult situation at the moment. all the best. Apart from the difficulties at the beginning of the season, we did well. The group lives well. all the best. It’s still fragile and has a lot of teams of the same level. There are very few scores between 4th and 10th.

Is it easy to run a team as head coach?

(smiles) That’s changing. Philip (Dallard, President, Editor’s Note) has left me with a lot of freedom. I have more light and more stress, but I have known the house for 11 years. I know the players. I participated in the recruitment. I have also played some. They know how I work.

So far, things are going well and I have been very well helped by Rémi (Calvel, his assistant, editor’s note) and Antoine Magnard (video analyst, editor’s note). I am not alone. We have a good working staff. Everyone knows their role. That’s why it works. We are involved a lot. We put our energy into our work.

Daniel Angelkovic proud of its culture

What kind of coach are you?

I started playing in Serbia, then Sweden and Hungary, then I came to France. I have multiple cultures. I always learn something. I stick to this philosophy. I make sure to always discuss or analyze to see what I can keep. I always have problems. I use it for the club and myself.

What are your ambitions?

I want to grow up with Phoenix. It’s a great opportunity to be a coach in the best league in the world. I am learning every day. We’ll see what my future holds. But my ambitions have to do with Toulouse. I have been here for 10 years. I know how the club works and I know its values. My home in Toulouse.

Especially since Toulouse advocates stability for next season…

This is our will. If we want to be regular, we have to keep the main element. We now want to bring in one or two players who can bring us that extra quality. With our means, we do it satisfactorily. We will only make adjustments in terms of recruitment.

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