In a game, Patrick Beverley knocked down Joel Embiid insane!

NBA Beverley shoots Joel Embiid

NBA (DR) / Minnesota Timberwolves (DR)

Patrick Beverley is known for his sometimes frantic verbal outbursts, and he did it again tonight against Joel Embiid and the Sixers. The process in particular has to take very hard tackles from the Bulldogs! Worst of all, he wasn’t entirely wrong.

It was James Harden’s first game with the Sixers, a quick victory over the Timberwolves (133-102). as a rear unheard of in historyand his teammates are in tune too Joel Embiid In good shape. The Philadelphia-based player went on another carnage under the lap with 34 points and 10 rebounds, fining all opposing insiders.

Inevitably, some of this domination annoys them, prompting some to slap the Cameroonians in the face. There were 13 free throw attempts against Minnesota, who were entitled to superstar treatment from the referees, which seemed unfair. Still, Patrick Beverley said throughout the game that it wasn’t a problem. After all, according to the Timberwolves point guard, he has to make up for his empty trophy cabinet!

Beverley breaks Joel Embiid’s maiden record

It’s fine to blame Embiid for the fault…he has neither a championship nor an MVP.

It’s certainly a sting for The Process, whose record has practically been blank since he entered the league. Last year, he was almost elected MVP but had to bow to Nikola Jokic, who left with the Maurice Podoloff trophy in his pocket. It was very frustrating for the guy who thought he deserved it…not on a collective level No better, never even made it to the conference finals. Not what one would expect from such a player.

However, that scarcity period is likely to be over when we see how he has been productive this season. His team, which is in the top three in the East, has a lot to do with him, swiping night after night. A physical monster and technically gifted, he’s still a nightmare for all opponents, and Karl-Anthony Towns (8/19 with 25 points) handled him well and couldn’t stop him. Combined with the new association with the beard, Penn 21 may be permanently unplayable this year:

He can say what he wants to say, and Patrick Beverley can’t deny that Joel Embiid is one of the best players in the league. His record is certainly not encouraging, but after being snubbed in 2020-21, the league will likely give him MVP this year.

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