Invasion of Ukraine, shocking sports world

A stunned sports world is preparing a response after Russian troops invaded Ukraine on February 24, threatening to stage several events linked to the two countries, starting with the Champions League final in St Petersburg at the end of May. can be moved.UEFA condemns “Resolute Military Invasion” Russia, on Thursday, decided to urgently convene its executive committee on Friday, February 25.

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Its members could be led to disrupt schedules in the coming months, or even impose sanctions on Moscow in line with the international community that denounced the start of the conflict.British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on February 22 that no ” No chance” Russia could host international football matches in the coming weeks.

German club removes Gazprom name from jersey

Moscow must also host the 2022 World Cup play-off semi-final between Russia and Poland on March 24, or even the final on March 29 if Sbornaïa beats Robert Lewandowski’s side.

In addition to the C1 final, Poland’s sports minister also suggested that the organization of the men’s volleyball world championships, which will start on August 26, be withdrawn from Russia. For its part, German club Schalke (D2) has decided to remove the name of its main sponsor Gazprom from its jersey, while the Russian company’s representative has resigned from his supervisory board. .

FC Barcelona in Moscow

In basketball, the men’s EuroLeague will continue over the next few days. “Having to go to Russia today makes me very unhappy…”, FC Barcelona’s Spain international Alex Abrines commented on Twitter that his team will face CSKA in St Petersburg on Friday 25 and Moscow on Sunday 27.

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Formula 1 world champions Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel don’t think they will be at the Russian Grand Prix in September. Playing in Ukraine seems more complicated. The European Handball Federation (EHF) has decided to move or postpone the tournament on Ukrainian soil to the next four weeks.

Brazilian players in Ukraine worried

The outbreak of the conflict led the National Football League to suspend the Ukrainian Championship on Thursday, which was due to resume on Friday after a more than two-month winter break. Several foreign players and coaches were alarmed by the situation and were caught between wanting to leave the territory and staying loyal to the club.

“The situation is serious, we are stuck in Kiev waiting for a solution to leave. We are in a hotel. Pray for us”, Brazilian striker (Ukrainian passport holder) Junior Moraes for Shakhtar Donetsk was launched on Instagram. “I didn’t leave because I came here for the sport and I couldn’t turn down the champions and the supporters who followed us”said his coach, Italian Roberto Dezebi.

Several Ukrainian football players speak out

the International Olympic Committee, including “Strongly condemns violation of the Olympic Truce”valid until 7 days after the closing of the Beijing Paralympic Games (March 4-13), “By the Russian government”a working group has been set up to closely monitor the situation.

Abroad, several Ukrainian footballers have spoken out, such as Benfica Lisbon striker Roman Yaremchuk, who celebrated his goal against Ajax Amsterdam (2-2) in the Champions League on Wednesday and showed a piece Black jersey with a Ukrainian coat printed on it. Arms, or Manchester City defender Alexander Zinchenko. “Glory to Ukraine”wrote on Instagram tennis player Elena Svitolina, the former world number three.

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International footballer Fedor Smolov said in a rare Russian voice: “No War”followed by a Ukrainian flag and a broken heart, in a short post on Instagram.


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