Is Raphaël Varane really in charge of the house six months after he arrived at Manchester United?

Ten years is a long time. After a successful decade at Real Madrid (2011-2021), Rafael Varane left his comfort zone to join Manchester United this summer. Six months after his arrival, the French defender has found the Spanish capital in an eighth final on the Atletico Turf on Wednesday 23 February. In one English semester, the world champion has experienced many adventures.

Upon arrival, Varane had to stabilise the Red Devils’ defence and was stripped of the Premier League title for eight years. Simply look at the classification, the contract has not been fulfilled: the defending champion is eighth, Manchester United is 17 points behind the neighboring city in possession, and it is a stubborn leader. To make matters worse, his fourth was threatened by a late meeting between Arsenal and Tottenham.

But it’s simple to stop at these strict data. It’s really impossible to blame him for all of Manchester’s ills as he misses a third of games. The former Madrid man suffered a groin injury during the Nations League final against the Blues, which returned in Bergamo in early November. The hamstring problem cost him six weeks of the game.

The two faces United show in the Premier League are largely dependent on Varane’s performance on the pitch. Along with the Frenchman, Paul Pogba’s team-mates conceded an average of 0.86 goals per game, or 13 goals in 15 games. When he’s crouched in the infirmary — or on the bench during his recovery — that average soars to two goals per game. Three knockouts against Leicester (2-4), Liverpool (0-5) and Watford (1-4) coincided with his absence.

At Newcastle, Allan Saint-Maximin's goal came from a goal conceded by Raphaël Varane.  (Paul Ellis/AFP)

When he aligned, however, Varane didn’t have full control of the house. In the Champions League in Bern (2-1 in Switzerland) and Newcastle in the league (1-1), his conceded goals led to opposing goals.If you say Rafael Varane, it has to be said that he has been useless since he came here. “, sending former Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood directly to Sky Sports. Undoubtedly exaggerated, especially since the predecessor Lençova was in the coach’s favour: Solskjaer and his successor, Ralph Rangnick, made him a key factor.

Sometimes with Harry Maguire (8), sometimes with Victor Lindelöf (4), even both in three-way defence (at Tottenham won 3-0), Varane kept his place. United have lost just once in 10 games since their return in late December. “The most important thing for me is that he stays healthy and doesn’t have any other injuries, especially his muscles. That way he can obviously be one of the best defenders in the league.”analyzed Rangnick in a recent press conference.

Can the French get rid of these glitches exactly?These may be due to the peculiarities of English football “More stamina, faster” According to the German coach, than La Liga. Varane has missed thirteen games since August. We have to go back to 2016-17 to find the traces of such a contrasting season (14 games missed).back “shape” According to Rangnick, he will be an important part of United’s bid for the Big Ears Cup. The Lille man has won the title four times at Real Madrid and he knows how to do it.

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