Is the European Championship really higher than the World Cup?

against all logicWill the hierarchy of handball be reversed on a geographic scale? Tokyo Olympic champion French handball players will start the European Championships on Thursday 13 January.andOn paper, the European champions have given them more trouble than the world champions.

France was the Intercontinental Champion three times in 2006, 2010 and 2014, but became the world champion five times at the same time (1995, 2001, 2011, 2015, 2017). In 2020,The euro has turnedStar exist Disappointed.

More challenging forms, historical concentration of European handball countries, emerging countries outside Europe, Is European handball so good?

“Handball is very well established in Europe, but not very developed in the US. Only in Brazil, not all players are professional. They have less culture, (…) less publicity, funding problems and other problems”Nicolas Tournat, the fulcrum of the French team, At a press conference during the preparations for the BluesEuro 2022.

Handball originated in the 19th century century, in DenmarkIn the name of Bold. Modern Handball Appear As for exist he is Start from twenty German Century exist One Eleven. inside year 1960 Games evolved Towards team Seven players and move toward indoor he is Very popular in Soviet UnionCentral Europe and Scandinavia.

by contrast those countries Anglo– Saxons like stateunity, greatBrittany, Australia Where Canada, born developing Not that handball culture, focusabove other their subject team fulfill already.

The European presence of handball can be seen on the scoreboard. Since the first handball world championships in 1954, the countries that have won medals have been Europeans.

The only exception: Qatar, silver medalist in 2015, thanks to a group of natural playersStars.phosphorusHave fewer than seven former European players from Bosnia, Montenegro, France orSpain play in its ranks.

So inevitably, the battle on the Old Continent was difficult, exist. .between 44 teams belonging to the European Handball Federation. Level of 24 qualifying champions dEurope Exceed statement.

Some countries outside of Europe are doing well now, such asEgypt, which was No. 4 in Tokyo this summer, is already No. 4 at the 2001 World Championships, or, like Tunisia, No. 4 at the 2005 World Championships. Luc Abalo even joined Japan, “Countries with the greatest potential for handball development”, According to him. However, these few encouraging results are still trivial.Several former Top 10 in the last World Championships, only two countries they are not no European : Qatar (7th) and Egypt (8th).

“It’s always harder in the European Championships because they tend to be more hands-on teams, even though we saw Egypt finish fourth at the Olympics. They caused problems for a lot of teams and beat the big powers.Underlined Dika Mem, Rear right team France, crowned Olympic champion in Tokyo.

At the Olympics, only South Korea has managed to thwart European domination. The women’s team has won two Olympic titles (Seoul in 1988 and Barcelona in 1992) and won 3 silver medals. Meanwhile, the men reached the Olympic final on home soil in 1988. Won the first and last non-European men’s Olympic medal.

South Korea won Olympic titles in 1988 and 1992.  (Dmitry Donskoy/Sputnik)

The first non-European president of the IHF (International Handball Federation), Egyptian Hassan Moustapha, who took office in 2000, wanted to strengthen handball on a global scale. The Emerging Nations Championship is an international men’s handball championship, created in 2015 and held every two years.

“At the European Championships, the pools are different. There is also a different points system. It makes it more difficult to get to the finish. But it’s all calculations, it’s logistics. The most important thing for us is to prepare and win The game. If we win, whether we’re three or four, we’ll go to the end”Dika Mem nodded.

The European Championships are a bit like a marathon. You have to start strong to position yourself, but know how to keep up over time. Watch out for fatigue once the axe game comes. Unlike the Olympics or the World Cup, where qualification for continental quotas can lead to significant differences in the level of competition, the euro offers a rare form of homogenized pool competition.

It would then be necessary to play the main round with 6 nations and impose itself between the two best nations to win tickets to the semi-finals. A fast, intense game with no room for error. A format that didn’t always suit the Blues, tanned in 2018 and 14th in 2020.

If the Habs hold the championship record at the World Championships, Sweden, on the other hand, leads the Old Continent with its 4 European titles. The European Championships are not as difficult as the World Championships, but require other physical and technical qualities.

Defending Olympic champions Blues will be men exist beat, in the same way as the Spanish double.They will meet in Croatia, Serbia (silver medal exist EUR 2020) and Ukraine. Habs’ first match will be held in Szeged (Hungary) on January 3rd.

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