Is the Troubled Warriors’ autograph in sight?

After a strong start in the Western Conference, the Warriors lost a lot of games for a while. Draymond Green’s absence is starting to put pressure on this roster, which may need to be stepped up again. To be precise, the front office decided to put a veteran on trial.

Despite a 43-22 record, we can’t say the Warriors are in their best time right now. They have lost their last 5 games, especially against the Lakers or Wolves.a huge disappointment Stephen Curry And company, they need a bit of a shock to start over at the end of the season.

Draymond Green returning? This would be desirable as the interior has been lost for weeks. According to some sources, it should be on the field within a week, but this list doesn’t want to wait that long. However, Golden State can still look forward to new additions to the team.

Another veteran of the dub team?

Yes, it’s still possible to sign certain players, an idea the Warriors are considering. One veteran has piqued interest: Tyreke Evans, who is no longer suspended by the NBA. The Heat and other teams are looking at the file, and according to Shams Charania, the dub team will also be at the party.

The Warriors will meet and test free agent Tyreke Evan in the Gulf this week. The veteran, who returned after a three-year hiatus, also spoke with the Bucks.

After so many years, it’s hard to know how much Evans is worth now, but that’s why teams want to test him. A good way to know GSW’s answer, he won’t reject this reinforcement, at least if he’s still at that level. We should have an answer soon.

A few seasons ago, Evans was clearly capable of great things:

The Warriors are interested in Tyreke Evans, who could be a big shot after a lengthy hiatus. Even if nothing is done, the veteran is expected to return to ring suitors. We look forward to this week’s news.

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