Isaiah Thomas asks franchise to sign him…she says no

Isaiah Thomas has struggled to stay on a team this year, but that’s not because he hasn’t marketed himself to league executives. He specifically expressed a desire to play on a precise team…but, the guy just ignored him.

Lakers, Mavericks and now Hornets: Isaiah Thomas refuses to step down and does what he can to stay in the NBA. The pocket leader now wants to settle in North Carolina, but until then, he’s mainly fighting against the Eastern Conference rivals: the Celtics.He knows the house very well and every time he finds himself on the market he wishes they would give him a contract, as he explained sports :

There is no escape, the whole world thinks so. When Brad Stevens was there as the new general manager, I thought that was an option. Brad knows what I bring. So I don’t have to explain it to him, you know what I mean?

Isaiah Thomas snubbed by Celtics

In fact, many were looking forward to the Elf meeting with his former stables. After all, the former 60th overall pick had the best season of his career with her, averaging nearly 29 points per game in 2016-17. His career took a turn for the worse after that, but the player remains popular in Massachusetts.Unfortunately, as Boston Globethe team systematically rejected through its general manager Brad Stevens, who has coached the linebacker in the past:

He has plenty of opportunities to sign Isaiah Thomas, even on a 10-day contract. But, privately, the organization believes Thomas isn’t going to play much, and with an under-par defense, Stevens is reluctant to waste a roster, especially if Thomas doesn’t, there could be a backlash. There are no renewed 10-day contracts.

Given the very unstable state of the player, it is understandable for Boss C’s final decision. IT may have been a key figure for the Greens and whites over the past decade, but is he really worth the risk? Especially since Dennis Schroeder, Beantown really has nothing to complain about in this position. It’s good that Thomas isn’t showing more resentment toward his former coach and is clear about the situation:

I’m not mad at him. It’s just a decision they make, and that’s fine. I am not in this plan. It’s just that I thought that with the opportunity that seemed to arise, I thought I could choose to come back. but it is not the truth.

Isaiah Thomas obviously won’t turn down a meeting with Boston, but it won’t happen anytime soon. What does that matter for a point guard who has to continue to prove himself to the Hornets? This will keep it until the end of the season.

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