Isaiah Thomas stunned on set: ‘Michael Jordan told me about you’

Michael Jordan’s arch-nemesis, Isiah Thomas, spent much of the All-Star weekend criticizing and trying to discredit the Bulls’ mythical No. 23. So there was some embarrassment on the Pistons legend’s face when MJ’s huge compliment of himself was revealed to him…

No need to get entangled with each other Michael Jordan To Isaiah Thomas: As you all know, these two haven’t gotten along at all since the late 1980s and the bloody battle between Chicago and Detroit. It was also at MJ’s insistence that “Zeke” didn’t make the 1992 Dream Team trip — an insult he never accepted.

Thomas has been in the media regularly for several years, affirming that LeBron James is in his eyes the greatest player of all time, well ahead of Michael Jordan.In his ‘hate’ outfit, IT even outdid himself during All-Star Weekend By completely expelling his air from the goat debate !

Michael Jordan’s huge compliment surprises Isaiah Thomas

But here it is: Thomas received huge praise from the Bulls legend during a live dialogue on the show “First Take” after spitting venom on MJ for days. When Stephen A. Smith took over, Isiah had a look of satisfaction…and a certain embarrassment:

You’re No. 27 on ESPN’s Top 75, which is a scandal. Michael Jordan personally told me that you are the second-best point guard in history after Magic Johnson. So everyone knows how much respect and appreciation you deserve.

Not only did Michael Jordan never publicly respond to Thomas’ numerous criticisms, but he was full of praise for him behind his back. All in all, as opposed to what “Zek” did to MJ, we understand that the former Pistons felt a little ridiculous when faced with a different understanding of the two’s situation…

Because don’t get me wrong: Jordan’s words about his enemies are by no means trivial. MJ thinks Thomas is second only to Magic Johnson in the leaderboard ranks, and he thinks Thomas is ahead of Stephen Curry, Chris Paul, John Stockton, Jerry West, Oscar Robertson and others. A very nice compliment.

Will Isiah Thomas end his vendetta against Michael Jordan? Does this passage in “First Take” have conscious value to him? Nothing is more certain, but it’s clear that it’s MJ who manages the most superlative things…

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